Month: December 2006

Echos from the past

Watch Eric B. and Rakim’s Casulties of War (1990)

I wonder if they realized in 1990 that we’d be back in Iraq some 13 years later. And right now we’re only 44 from 3,000 U.S. servicemen dead in Iraq.

NBC puts its more objectionable stuff on the web

Ok – so NBC understands that you can’t broadcast this but if you put it on YouTube it’s all right.

The reason it’s ok to do this is because one has to actively decide to watch on the web, whereas on TV well, just anyone might come across such trash. You see the nonsense of that, don’t you? I mean there are a couple hundred TV channels. If you don’t like it, you have to the choice to actively flip away from it or shut the damned box off.

Anyhow, pretty funny song from the SNL crew titled “My Dick in a Box”.


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my-tuneglue-map, originally uploaded by kd1s.

So I happened upon this little online experimental site called TuneGlue. Key in an artist then click on the record and select the Expand option.

What you see in this image (1280×800 – sorry but it just had to be widescreen) is just my lower left quadrant based upon a search on “Change”.

So now you know how’s ‘tune by artist’ works. It connects relationships between artists. Oh and if you download and install iTunes and it’ll scrobble the tracks you play in your iTunes library. In essence, it looks and sees what might be related to what is in your library which explains how David Bowie ended up in my suggestions.

Atheist Brigade on NPR

Oh my, this is good. All Things Considered has published the podcast of their show “Atheist Brigade Takes Arguments to the Tolerant”.

One of the initial quotes in the piece says that Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris wield logic like a bludgeon. A delightful way of saying that both are strident atheists.

Of course an earlier quote says that the new Atheist Brigade uses reason and ridicule, mostly ridicule. Of course religion is ridiculous, how can anyone not see that it is?

Look, belief in a sky fairy is ridiculous. It abdicates responsibility for self.

TBS runs anti-net neutrality ad

Check it out. Matter of fact, watch the very end of the video and see who the sponsors happen to be. They blame Silicon Valley wanting us to pay more which is pure unadulterated bovine effluent.

The sponsors are phone and cable companies. Two of the most evil entities on the planet. Without net neutrality phone and cable companies could extract money from the likes of Google, YouTube, etc. And who would ultimately pay that price? We would.

They had their asses handed to them when congress refused to vote the bill, now they’ll try again to insert something that is bad for the consumer. Explain to me why Japan has both a higher number of households with broadband access, as well as speeds faster than what is offered in the United States at a cost that is significantly lower.

I suppose the greed level of Japanese companies is nothing compared to U.S. and British companies.

FCC drops morse code requirement for amateur radio

Was surfing slashdot when I found an article stating that the FCC had abolished the the morse code requirement necessary for a licensee to access the HF bands.

I was first licensed as a no-code technician in 1992. Over the course of a year I practiced my morse code using Gordon West’s practice tapes. Matter of fact a camping trip in July of 1992 gave me ample opportunity to study as it did nothing but rain for four out of seven days. Came back from the trip and passed my elements 1B and 3A to get my general class license. Then studied for element 4A which would result in my advanced class license, and finally took element 1C and 4B to get my extra class license.

The 1n elements were morse code, 5WPM, 13WMP and 20WPM.

What this does is give me rights to gripe. My buddy is an extra who only had to do 13WPM code and I rag on him about that constantly. Now we’re going to have extras on the HF bands with absolutely no knowledge of morse code.

What is this world coming to? Instant gratification for all.

A Family Guy Spoof

I guess Seth was on Mad TV (I don’t watch much network TV anymore – I mean what with VOD and YouTube, among other things) but this video is great.

McFarlane’s Harvard speech is STILL reverberating around the net btw.

Some new things come January

Or at least I’m thinking of some new things. First, I’m so sick and tired of Windows, more accurately Microsoft. So with that in mind I’m probably going to purchase my first ever Apple product. The only thing that bother me about the Macbook is that chicklet keyboard but I suppose I could forgive that.

The second thing I’m thinking of doing is moving away from blogger. It’s been mightily unreliable ever since the Beta thing. I gotta see how much it’ll cost me to hose a wordpress site.

RI Fire Code Part II

So after a nice dinner (Steak – brined with salt, light brown sugar and garlic along with baked potato and southwestern style corn) I realize that I’m hearing that beep-beep-beep pause beep-beep-beep which means someones fire/co detectors sniffed something they didn’t like.

It’s coming from the apartment next door. That beeping went on for twenty minutes. Then as I expected the building alarmed. Response time by Providence Fire Department was excellent as always. Within 30 seconds of building alarm you could hear the sirens, fifteen seconds later two trucks approached from the east, while two more approached from the west.

So you might ask, what triggered the alarm? My next door neighbor is this young college student. Whenever she cooks the alarms go off but this one was something seriously burning. She forgets she has things in the oven.

As I said, I’m grateful that response time by PFD is under a minute but the inconvenience factor drives me up a wall. First off, I think I mentioned before where I had to put plastic bags over the detectors in my kitchen and dining rooms because even if I so much as boiled water, the damned alarm would go off.

The new fire code in RI has done two things. First it has transfered lots of money into the hands of alarm and sprinkler installers. Second is that it has seriously inconvenienced just about everyone.