Month: March 2007

The Police Screw Up Again

They even try to cover their own asses when they are clearly in the wrong. They even go so far as to plant evidence and then start the finger pointing game.

There have been too many cases like this in recent memory. Matter of fact, things got so bad in my city a couple years ago that we now have a civilian review board called PERA or Providence External Review Authority.

Now we hear that Derek J. Hale, a Marine who served two tours in Iraq was gunned down by police in Delaware.

The thing the disgusts me most is that the damned cops don’t understand the effects of a TASER. The subject having the TASER fired at them is NOT going to be able to respond to commands since their nervous system is essentially on overload. But the police in the case not only tasered him three times, they then triple tapped the guy at point blank range, killing him.

But the most galling part of it all is that the police in both DE and VA colluded to cover this up.

Remember, you cannot trust the police. They are not there to protect or serve, most are in it to have fun as bullies.

Don’t get me wrong, there are good cops out there. But the vast majority are just misanthropes with a badge and a gun. In past posts you’ve seen me tell you what I’d do to police if they ever did something like this to Keyron. And he’d do the same for me.

A good friend of mine is anti-gun. I used to be that way too until I made the realizations above. So I forwarded the article linked above to her asking if she still thought gun bans were a good idea. No response as of yet but I bet she’ll still be anti-gun.

They’re not Gay!`

This video has been on the net for at least the past six months but I don’t think I’ve ever shared it with you guys. A warning though, the ending is Not Safe For Work, at all. It’s cute when the bottom whispers “Fuck me harder Frank.”

I gotta figure out who these guys are and see if they’ve done any other vids.

Interesting Ancestry

I’d like to thank my other genealogist cousin Tom for this information. It appears that on my mom’s side I’m not part Narragansett as was the popular belief, but instead part of the Mohawks of Kahnawake.

It’s pretty watered down though, it was my maternal great grandfather who passed that one along. Considering that I’m definitely one half Italian, the other half is a conglomeration of Irish, English, French Canadian and now we now what the missing part was, the Mohawk.

And of course Keyron is part Cherokee. I mean really – when you think about it a whole lot of us have native ancestry here in the U.S. Apparently the natives were good enough to fuck.

The Pinnacle of Ridiculous

It appears that conservation programs in Toronto have worked so well that Toronto Hydro now faces revenue losses of $10.4 million dollars. So their answer, hike the rates.

Considering that the only expenses Hydro has are distribution, and that they really don’t replace outside plant all that often, doesn’t this reek of outright greed to anyone else?

Here I was thinking that letting National Grid control both electricity and natural gas distribution was a bad idea. All I know is that National Grid gets about $150 a month less from me ever since we made the switch to CFL’s. And I know at least two dozen people who’ve done the same with similar savings, on average $75 a month. So that represents revenue losses to National Grid of $21,600 a year. That’s great because they’ve been screwing us for years, even back when they were the New England Power Pool and Narragansett Electric.

So check with your power provider – they may offer rebate certificates on Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) and buy up now.

Hometown Baghdad is running a series called Hometown Baghdad. Right now six of the episodes are posted.

To see the struggle for normality is sad. The people shown are what is left of middle class Baghdad. We broke it and now we own it. The problem is that we’re not very good managers of other nations.

Another problem is that mainstream media will NEVER pickup stories like those above. To do so would be to remind the population of the United States of the folly of war. For example, why is it that electricity is only on for three hours at a time in Baghdad, but you can be damned sure that it’s on 24/7 in the Green Zone.

The videos show glimpses of that middle class Baghdad. The part about the radicals forbidding salad, you could tell that the guy thought that bordered on the ridiculous. And the dentist who proclaims he’s Muslim but a secularist. He wanted so badly to get out of Iraq and now he can’t because the government realized the brain drain and put limits on newly graduated doctors and dentists.

Oh and some of those boys need a brow shave but they’re cute otherwise.

My Seduction Style

Ok – in a nutshell my style is like a brick wall in the middle of the highway when you’re doing 120MPH. I’m THAT direct. If I see something I want, I go for it. Just ask Keyron – he remembers that night 14 years ago.

Apparently the Sundance channel has this little quiz. Based on my answers I got this result:

Tantric master. Ok, I can live with that. I’m not so sure about the sexy, sensual master part though. I’m more the bumbling klutz, a la the lost condom incident. The depraved and perverted part is dead on though, particularly the depraved part. I’ve fully corrupted Keyron that’s for damned sure.

The part about strategy is misleading though, as I can whip up a strategy in minutes. People see me as direct like that but they don’t realize I’ve planned it that way.