A couple of WTC collapse theories

Both theories seem plausible. As a matter of fact, the free fall thing always rang a little false to me since the buildings should have collapsed at a slightly slower rate.

There’s something awfully suspicious about WTC7 too, as the article author points out other buildings were closer to the main towers and sustained damage. Yet they did not collapse. I recall the pictures I’ve seen of telecommunication systems hanging by overhead cabling. Yes, 110 type punch downs are pretty damned strong, so too is wire wrap, etc. But to this day those buildings are still standing.

WTC7 sustained relatively little damage, yet it dropped too. I think what leads many to believe in a conspiracy is the lack of information and the lack of answers to many questions. After all, if the government had no part, wouldn’t it be in its best interest to give us some answers to the more pressing questions about 09/11/2001. Plausible deniability is always highly suspect. Ask yourself, who is our government? If you answered corporations you get the gold star. And what is the motive of a corporation? To make money.

One thought on “A couple of WTC collapse theories

  1. As much as I detest Bushie and the neo-cons (and you outta know how much I do), I just cannot believe the government knew anything about it ahead of time.

    And there’s always gonna be ‘theories’. Christ, we have about a dozen different ‘theories’ around the Kennedy assassination, and that was 43 years ago. I’m certain we’ll still have ‘theories’ floating around about 911 in 2044 as well.

    Some people see conspiracies everywhere they look. And if someone is convinced there’s a conspiracy, they’re NEVER going to see otherwise, because any evidence or testimony to the contrary of what they’re saying is, to them, just further proof of the conspiracy itself.

    Just my two cents….

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