An Asshole Parking Trifecta!

Well, one of mine finally made it to the Youparklikeanasshole site. Ever since I got my little Xacti camera I take it with me everywhere. You never know what you might see.

I do wish they’d put up the one of the SUV with the round FOP badge (Cop) parked across two spaces.

But the pic they did use has three offenses. Too large a vehicle taking up too many spots and blocking the entrance, the VW is pulled a little far ahead, and then there’s the other pretentious SUV parked across two spots.

The strange part was I was kind of excited to see something moving into the former HQ of Fogarty for Governor. That was a major disappointment, Charlie came within 8,000 votes of Don “The Asshole” Carcieri. And what did this new thing turn out to be? A tanning salon. Sure, it’s the frozen northeast so we need to at least pretend we got away. But please, this is the second one in

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