Drugs by toxicity

Andrew Sullivan that darling of the media wrote this piece for The Atlantic.

Toxicity Graph

Interesting that the least toxic drugs are also among the most illegal in the United States. Yep, that’s right, marijuana and LSD are among the LEAST toxic. Even Nitrous Oxide requires dosages of 150 times effective to be lethal.

And who here hasn’t tried helium. You know, buy a helium balloon and carefully unseal it so that you can inhale the gas and talk like a cartoon character. Do that a time too many though and they’ll be carting you away for greener pastures.

H->He->C – that’s what our sun is doing right now. Hydrogen fuses to Helium which fuses to Carbon. Oh there are lots of intermediary steps, but it’s effectively what is going on in the sun.

I do wish I had taken chemistry as a youngster. It would make it easier to understand the nomenclature of drugs. I seem to remember a cartoon I once saw of a guy with a tourniquet on his arm while poking a needle into his arm. The caption went something like “Hey mom and dad, am I ever glad I got that pharmacology degree!”

No instead I had to move towards computer science, info sci to be particular and a strong bent towards engineering. Think of how much fun I could have had.

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