Pedestrians really do fall at the bottom of the list

Even though the law says we take precedence in most cases, we pedestrians get the shaft pretty much by everyone, especially here in Rhode Island.

For example, I’ve seen people blow through red lights when pedestrians have been in the crosswalk, etc. And of course the city puts red light cameras in the stupidest places. Maybe not stupid, but revenue enhancing vs. safety enhancing.

I did note one other flaw about red light cameras, they’re using Cisco wireless gear. I sure hope they’ve patched IOS.

Anyhow today was the ultimate insult for me. I was walking downtown at about 1:45 PM and crossing from the Dunkin Donuts Center to the Blue Cross building. I’m standing in the crosswalk and a fucking Providence patrol car blows through. No lights, no siren. No, just another asshole Rhode Islander who was rushing to Dunkin Donuts for his cop donut and coffee.

I have noticed that Massachusetts drivers will stop when people are in a crosswalk. For years people used to call them Massholes but my experience has been just the opposite. They tend to follow the rules. We in RI don’t.

Another example is merging into traffic. In Massachusetts you can turn on your signal (Something a RI’er is loathe to do!) in heavy traffic and a hole will open up for you to merge into the next lane. Do that in RI and say your prayers.

I so wish I had gotten the plate number off that police cruiser because you know sure as hell I would have been at police HQ. It was a District 1 car though so maybe I’ll have a chat with the lieutenant on Monday morning. More to the point, I wish I’d gotten my cam out in time and caught it on video.

One thought on “Pedestrians really do fall at the bottom of the list

  1. The same thing happened to me in Cranston. I was in a crosswalk at St. Mary’s church for at least a minute and a Cranston cop blew right by me. Noticed they do not use blinkers either.

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