Hometown Baghdad

Salon.com is running a series called Hometown Baghdad. Right now six of the episodes are posted.

To see the struggle for normality is sad. The people shown are what is left of middle class Baghdad. We broke it and now we own it. The problem is that we’re not very good managers of other nations.

Another problem is that mainstream media will NEVER pickup stories like those above. To do so would be to remind the population of the United States of the folly of war. For example, why is it that electricity is only on for three hours at a time in Baghdad, but you can be damned sure that it’s on 24/7 in the Green Zone.

The videos show glimpses of that middle class Baghdad. The part about the radicals forbidding salad, you could tell that the guy thought that bordered on the ridiculous. And the dentist who proclaims he’s Muslim but a secularist. He wanted so badly to get out of Iraq and now he can’t because the government realized the brain drain and put limits on newly graduated doctors and dentists.

Oh and some of those boys need a brow shave but they’re cute otherwise.

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