Interesting Ancestry

I’d like to thank my other genealogist cousin Tom for this information. It appears that on my mom’s side I’m not part Narragansett as was the popular belief, but instead part of the Mohawks of Kahnawake.

It’s pretty watered down though, it was my maternal great grandfather who passed that one along. Considering that I’m definitely one half Italian, the other half is a conglomeration of Irish, English, French Canadian and now we now what the missing part was, the Mohawk.

And of course Keyron is part Cherokee. I mean really – when you think about it a whole lot of us have native ancestry here in the U.S. Apparently the natives were good enough to fuck.

3 thoughts on “Interesting Ancestry

  1. I found out through my mormon family members that way back there was a marriage between great great great grand father and a native American too. Kinda neat.

    My mothers side of my family tree goes way back in the Americas.


  2. I had a great uncle who traced our line back to the first guy who came over: Christopher Schakle, in 1789, on the Snowmolly (it’s weird how I remember trivial crap like that).

    And since I’m 7/8th German and 1/8 English or Scotish or Irish or something like that, I’d be thrilled to have some Mohawk in my family tree. *Sigh*….oh well…

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