Month: March 2007

Why I prefer an old doctor

Over the past ten months we’ve been trying to figure out why the hearing in my left ear is about 60dB below normal, along with attendant ringing and at one point serious vertigo. The vertigo is gone now, my old noggin finally figured out that it was getting bunk information from the left side and so now I can ignore it. The human brain is a very cool system.

Anyhow during those ten months we’ve tried all sorts of things, antibiotics, diuretics, CNS depresants (for the veritgo), and high dosages of prednisone, we’re talking 60mg of the stuff. That seems to help me so now they think it might be auto-immune. I’ll know my next visit

So today I made my annual visit to my allergist. I’ve been seeing the same allergist since I was ten years old, so that would mean I’ve seen this guy every year for thirty-two years. In short, he’s a fossil but one I can comfortably talk with. His name is Dr. Jorge Sturam and he got his training at the National University of Cordoba in Argentina finishing in 1961. That would probably make him, oh, close to 75 years old.

So I mentioned the left ear problem to him and he responded that he remembered I had serious ear infections and strep infections as a kid. He then told me that you don’t recover without some effects from the infections, and that later in life they manifest themselves in hard to explain problems. Surprised the hell out of me that he’d remember all that, after all those years. And he actually gave his blessing to my killing my ENT. :)

So he looks in my left ear and tells me that the left eardrum is retracting. This would explain that the losses in the 60dB range are high frequency losses.

The guy is definitely a good doctor. I just hope he lives for at least another thirty or so years but I know that’s unrealistic. I estimate that by the time I’m fifty, I’ll have to find a new allergist. Oh well.

Milton Friedman’s 1991 Interview in support of Legalization

Legalize It

Renowned economist Milton Friedman gives a logical argument as to why drugs should be legalized. I would loved to have had Friedman as a college economics professor. He really takes the interview in his own direction, leaving the interviewer a bit flustered at times. He’s well prepared with facts which I find admirable.

Anyhow this video was recorded in 1991. Enjoy!

It’s TMI Tuesday Again #73

1. Have you ever orgasmed sitting at your computer? What was the situation?

I’ve had a computer since I was 13 years old and I’m 42 now. You tell me.

2. Ever been sexual harassed? What happened?

Not to my knowledge. Oh I’ve been stalked but I think that’s different and I rather enjoyed the attention.

3. Who is your hottest nerd crush?

Hmmm… most of the nerds I know are people you wouldn’t want to even fantasize about. So I’ll have to pass on this one.

4. Can a man have multiple orgasms?

Yes he can. The recovery time is just longer.

5. Is there such a thing as too much sex?

Yes, when ones private parts are red and raw it’s time to stop masturbating/fucking/getting sucked.

Damned Creationists at it again in TN

Sen. Raymond Finney of TN is now stirring the creationist pot again. Tennessee is known for the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial. Even then, the dumb fucks understand that evolution isn’t linear, it’s branching as is so elegantly pointed out in this. The Tree

What irked me most about Finney’s spouting is this line:
“There has never been any proof offered that Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct,” he said.

Really? Mr. Finney could probably use a few more years of formalized schooling. It might save him from opening his mouth and inserting his foot. Or maybe even sticking his own head up his own ass. All he has to do is look at the image above. If you cant’ see that evolution is happening on a regular basis then you need to delete yourself from the gene pool.

Why is it that we elect the dumbest mother fuckers out there on a regular basis? Should we expect anything else? Maybe it is telling that more scientists don’t run for office. If they did we could expect to see things run a bit different.

After all, a scientist knows what a budget is, and would stick to it. And a scientist wouldn’t make stupid statements like Mr. Finney. By the way, I don’t include M.D.’s as scientists as a general rule. I’ve seen too many M.D.’s pronounce their dedication to Christ and their belief in creationism over the past few years. This strikes me as extremely odd, as a medical doctor has to study the sciences in order to matriculate. Do some of them forget?

Moving On

We’ve finally had it with the bitch that runs Pre-Co, Pre-Management and Ocean View Properties, LLC. We begged and pleaded with her to check and make sure we were only paying for our natural gas usage. Turns out that she lied, which comes as no surprise because Lynn Bruso is one lying sack of shit since she’s lied to us in the past. So if you ever need to rent, and you see her name run for the fucking hills.

I nearly hit the roof back in November when National Grid told us that our gas was cross connected with the retail store downstairs. I got an attorney involved and that went nowhere. So we’re moving, and the day we move out I have a nice little surprise waiting for Ms. Bruso. That’s the day I file the court case against her. Have a nice day cupcake and I’ll see you in court.

The new place is very nice. See pix here.

Today’s Dental Experience

Today I had a nice little visit with my dentist. This is the new dentist I started seeing about six months ago because my old dentist was pissing me off.

Some background is necessary here. The old dentist didn’t think my wisdom teeth were a problem, but those wisdom teeth were impacted and having some deleterious effects on my other molars. Yet old Dr. L on Smith St. in Providence, RI didn’t think it was a priority.

One of the first things the new dentist had me do was get the wisdom teeth out. Once those were out we started to repair the teeth that had been damaged by the impacted wisdom teeth. One required a root canal. Another had a cavity on the back surface of the tooth.

So today we worked on the latter. All I can tell you is that there isn’t enough novocaine/lidocaine in the world to dull the pain I felt. It wasn’t bad – just picture an electric cattle prod being directly connected to the nerve in the tooth. But we got it done and now that tooth is ok for the duration. In this instance I didn’t bite the dentist. But the pain did lead to two interesting thoughts.

First, it made me realize that if we ever have to do something like that again a benzo drip is absolutely necessary. I don’t want to be conscious or have any memory of the event.

Second, it made me want to take Dr. L and clamp his balls in a vice, and then continue to close the vice until he passes out from the pain. Then I’d consider it an even trade.

A couple of WTC collapse theories

Both theories seem plausible. As a matter of fact, the free fall thing always rang a little false to me since the buildings should have collapsed at a slightly slower rate.

There’s something awfully suspicious about WTC7 too, as the article author points out other buildings were closer to the main towers and sustained damage. Yet they did not collapse. I recall the pictures I’ve seen of telecommunication systems hanging by overhead cabling. Yes, 110 type punch downs are pretty damned strong, so too is wire wrap, etc. But to this day those buildings are still standing.

WTC7 sustained relatively little damage, yet it dropped too. I think what leads many to believe in a conspiracy is the lack of information and the lack of answers to many questions. After all, if the government had no part, wouldn’t it be in its best interest to give us some answers to the more pressing questions about 09/11/2001. Plausible deniability is always highly suspect. Ask yourself, who is our government? If you answered corporations you get the gold star. And what is the motive of a corporation? To make money.