Growin’ Growin’ Growin’

Day five and the sprouts are doing well. I’ve posted a little video of it over on

In a couple of days I’ll take the cover off and start the process of really growing them.

I must say, the latent gardener in me is very happy. Sometime around July I’ll have fresh tomatoes, dill, basil, rosemary, radichio and then a little later, the squash will be ready. All in all I started small this year. Though I do have to plant some small cucumbers, after all I’ll have all that dill. Oh hell, and I may as well plant some peppers, both the bell variety and some cherry peppers. I think you’re seeing where this is going, that’s right. Pickled peppers and stuffed cherry peppers. Yum!

All this will be for naught if the cats get to it first. I don’t think Angie (Evangeline – but two syllables are better than four) will try it, but I don’t know if Sassy (Charles’ cat) will. Maybe I need to plant some kitty greens.

Right now Sassy is in heat and she’s oh so affectionate. It’s driving us a little crazy but once she’s out of heat she can be spayed so it’s not such a big deal. But it’s funny as all hell to watch, at her front she’s low to the ground but her ass up in the air and her rear feet dancing like crazy. She makes a low trilling sound. I remember that before we had Emily fixed she used to be a screamer. Emily would go into the bathroom and start the whining.

One thought on “Growin’ Growin’ Growin’

  1. I would love to be able to grow something in my yard, but alas, there are just too many shade trees. I can’t even grow grass, just moss.

    Good luck with your garden.


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