Watch your rights just disappear

The NRA has a nice little video on YouTube about police confiscation of weapons after hurricane Katrina had hit the gulf coast. I used to be a member until they started getting a little too strident. But now I see why they were being so strident.

Police do not serve us, they serve their government masters. Also keep in mind that police are by and large a reactive force. If you’ve been robbed, or have a burglar in the house they do nothing to prevent it from happening, but they’re there AFTER the fact to try to put together a case.

It makes me happy that Rhode Island of all places has Castle Doctrine (RIGL 11-8-8). What that means is that if someone breaks into my home, I don’t have to prove fear or any such thing, nor do I have a duty to retreat. I can shoot your ass dead and I’m completely shielded against criminal and civil penalties.

And here’s the thing, if a cop smashes down my door I wonder if Castle Doctrine would still apply. After all, there’s a reasonable fear on my part that someone is breaking in. And who’s to say I heard them ID as police. But sadly that wouldn’t be the case since the elements necessary under section 11-8 aren’t met when police have a warrant. Too bad, I wonder if I could sneak through a modification of the law.

So next time you see that friendly officer on the street remember, he is NOT your friend. He serves his masters.

2 thoughts on “Watch your rights just disappear

  1. Georgia has a very similar statute. We had a case here in Atlanta where a crack head gave a false lead in order to prevent his arrest. A squad of police got a no-knock warrent and broke down the door. \

    The 92 year old grandmother (only person in the house, a recluse living by herself) heard them breaking in and managed to shoot 3 or 4 of them several times (they survived) but sadly she did not survive. They shot her dead, but they also shot each other and put holes everywhere, but only one in the woman.

    Likely if she had lived they would have prosecuted her for shooting at a policeman. There was a big coverup with fake informants and so forth. So now the law still stands but the no-knock provision is being changed (hopefully).

    It turned out that evidence was a sham. The police got the warrent with false claims that they had an informant that they saw a man sell the informant some crack through the front door. They forgot to tell the informant they named. The informant said “news to me”. Wasn’t even there.

    Big stink still going on.

  2. The School Police in Palm Beach County are just as bad. Can you believe they hired an ex-felon by the name of James Reid? What were they thinking? Anyway, don’t take my word for it, read the book: PALM BEACH COUNTY SCHOOL POLICE Hired an ex-felon. It’s an ebook. Eerie stuff dude!

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