Living Space

You know I rant about McMansions and their owners all the time. How much space do people actually need? Well for one man 96 square feet is his entire need.

We’re all unpacked at the new place and one of the things that surfaced was the ultrasonic measuring system I got for Keyron a few Christmases ago. So I went room to room and then included for example half the basement. Our total square footage here is 1520 square feet.

But here’s the thing, I kept track of square footage in the places we’ve lived in over the last 14 years.

Square Feet -:- Rent -|- Per Person SqFt -|- Per Person Rent -|- Rent Per SqFt
750 $700 375sqft $350 $0.93
900 $900 450sqft $450 $1.00
1520 $800 760sqft $400 $0.52

Interesting part is the per square foot rent. For a short period it actually increased by 7%, but then decreased by a whopping 48%. More interestingly total space increase by double. Better bang for the buck I suppose. And it’s only going to get more interesting since there’s an abundance of apartments for rent which is putting serious downward pressure on rental prices.

One thought on “Living Space

  1. ultimately, it’s STUFF that people accumulate that dictates need. i think that if i didn’t live with brian, i’d totally be happy living in my old apartment, smaller than this one.

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