Month: May 2007

Learn how to swear in most any language

Oh this is too cool. In language classes they rarely teach you the juicy bits, unless of course you have an instructor that’s with it enough to realize that if you use the language, you’re more than likely going to hear such phrases.

At this link for example, I finally realized what Va funcuolo Dio and tutte e santi means. In essence, Fuck Christ and all the Saints. I love that one. The English perversion is Jesus Fucking Christ.

Here are the Italian curses

And here’s the index to many other languages. My primary interests are Spanish and Italian. And this site is a treasure trove.

I realize the site may not be all inclusive. But I did notice one thing. The list of Spanish curses seems rather mundane to me while the Italian curses are very colorful. I’ll have to memorize a few.

Have fun!

When pot brownies are funny

I’ve written before how law enforcement activity against marijuana (pot) in my city has waned. Check out the attached video from Santa Cruz, CA. Apparently the police didn’t prosecute the kid. Matter of fact the cop they interviewed got a kick out of it.

And I found it more interesting that the teacher knew that she was high, which prompted her to call the police.

So legalize it for adults. Sure, what the kid did was wrong but the zero tolerance attitude of the school superintendent Pagano is asinine. Man should be ashamed of himself but then he was probably one who never tried the stuff.

The Bush War Blues by Billy Bragg compliments of Leadbelly

I just happened to be trolling around the web as I’m oft wont to do when I found Billy Bragg’s appearance on the Henry Rollins show.

He does a very good job excoriating George W. Bush and his crew including Halliburton. Because if you don’t believe that the objectives of this war have been met, you need to step back and see who really benefits from this particular war. It wasn’t the U.S. or the Iraqi’s, definitely not. However the profits at Halliburton among other oil interests are astronomical.

Our normal budget for the United States Armed Forces is about $500 billion a year. But with Iraq and Afghanistan (remember them?) that scales up to $1 trillion a year. You could find Social Security on that for the next hundred years, among many other things. But now we know where the money is going, into the pockets of the fat cats of these corporations. The shareholders are also complicit, just look at their stock performance over the past month.

You’ve read my pieces where I go on and on about the evil that corporations represent. There is no clearer example than what is going on now.

I would dearly love to see our political system de-polluted. And to accomplish that we first much break the corporate dominance of not just our federal government, but even local governments.

Work to abolish constitutional protections for corporations. The theory of protection is based on false reasoning and decisions. In essence a court clerk inserted language into a decision that gave corporations de facto rights, same as we corporal beings.

Second work to enact real term limitations for legislators, mayors, etc.

I also believe the more parties, the better. Up until recently Italy had just such a situation and they seemed to do well enough. Maybe it’s our turn to try run off elections for President, or even city council seats.

Maybe then we won’t have to exercise our Constitutional rights. You know which one I’m talking about, if not visit the link and refresh your memory since it seems we’ve all become too complacent. Our founding fathers knew that governments could turn tyrannical or despotic and that is precisely what we have now. So they proscribed remedies for such things. They hadn’t counted upon the fourth estate of government, a media so savvy about controlling the emotional climate in the United States. But some of us can see past the fluff that they offer us as news. Multiple sources are a good start.

Energy Conservation vs. Utility Companies

A while back I read where Ontario Power had so encouraged conservation that their revenues dropped by a significant amount because people were using less energy. So OP’s solution? Hike the rates.

Verizon has lost 43% of it’s business in Rhode Island. Their solution? Hike the rates.

Now in California gas and electric utilities are fighting subsidizing solar water heaters. They say it’ll cost between $10 million and $14 million over ten years. That’s a piddling sum for a utility company. Their real fear is what one legislator pointed out, it would reduce gas usage by 24% in the Encino region, and 5% in the state.

Considering their revenues are in the billions of dollars, you can see quite clearly why they’re trying to tank the legislation.

Fuck big business. Their rapacious ways got us where we are today and I’m happy that people are giving them the finger. A business is a ficititious entity anyhow and deserves no rights under the 14th amendment whatsoever. This needs to be addressed in a court of law sooner or later because if we allow corporations to run roughshod over our lives.

Once again, it’s just too much information

1. When you orgasm, do you hold your breath?

Nope – I’m more a growler/gasper. If I held my breath I’d pass out.

2. Have you ever had sex or played around with a celebrity?

No I haven’t. No such thing in this area.

3. Do you think prostitution should be legal? Why or why not?

Yes I think it should be legal. First of all legality would drive off the illicit human trafficking. Second of all if the law proscribed specific rules like medical care, etc. I’d be all for it. As it stands now in RI prostitution within a building is not illegal. That’s right – a loophole in the law that our legislature is loathe to close.

It’s been going on for thousands of years. The only ones who really get their underpants in a bunch about it are religious people.

4. How do you masturbate? Do you romance yourself? Get straight to the point? Read erotic material?

Read? Who said anything about reading. I’m a visual creature and one who goes straight to the task at hand, so to speak.

5. Which gives you the most pleasure – intercourse, masturbating for/with your partner, being masturbated by your partner.

Definitely the partner. I’m getting aroused just thinking about that.

Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever had a crush on a relative?

No I haven’t. My relatives look a bit too much like me and I don’t get into the whole fuck yourself thing.

Americans don’t know their religion

This article in the Washington Post isn’t much of a surprise to me. By way of background let me explain that I am the product of twelve years of education in Catholic schools first at St. Ann School then at LaSalle Academy. During at least one of those twelve years we read and studied the Bible from cover to cover. College was a secular deal at Johnson & Wales University but by then I needed no more of religion.

The issue for me was that in addition to the Catholic schools trying to push dogma on me, they also taught me how to think critically. That’s a dangerous thing for religion for once you can think, you are then able to see the inconsistencies and outright falsehoods of the Bible.

Anyhow what struck me was that those who proclaim they’re religious couldn’t tell who Noah’s wife was (It wasn’t mentioned in the Bible, but the Jews name her Naamah for Beautiful One.). Nor could they tell who gave the Sermon on the Mount (Doh!, Christ himself!), or better yet any one of the authors of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, John and Luke and the jury is still out on Mary). These are the same folks who think “In God We Trust” has always been on U.S. Currency and the Pledge of Allegiance. It hasn’t, it’s only been there since 1954 and it’s original purpose was to show the godless communists who was top dog.

It astounds me that people don’t know the basic facts about religion, let alone civic government. But then I had the benefit of what I consider a good education. Unfortunately that is falling further out of reach for everyone. A co-worker has her daughter enrolled in a Catholic school and it’s almost $4K a year. Yikes!

But if you have a child, I urge you to educate that child as best you can. And while you’re at it, educate yourself.

It was twenty years ago

Twenty years ago I went off the air at WDOM, 91.3FM in Providence, RI. Spent three years having a ball at that station.

When I first got there in 1985 we had an ancient Dukane (Now a part of GE Security Products) mixing board, but we did at least have two very nice Technics SL-1200 turntables as well as cartridge machines, a CD player, and a phone patch.

The board itself was so ancient that we took to carrying tools with us. It was always fun when mid-show you’d notice either a right or left side of one of the channels wasn’t working. Then you’d break out the soldering iron, spare wire, solder, etc. and make the repair right then and there.

By 1986 they’d replaced the old Dukane with it’s mixing knobs with a nice modern board with sliders, pre-cue units, etc.

We used to do our own reverberation by putting a boombox at the back of the studio and setting it to the frequency we were transmitting on. Then we’d adjust the volume so as to prevent feedback but give us a nice little reverb effect.

Then of course there were phase crossovers. Oh those were fun – get two copies of the same record and put them on the turntables and start them at the same time. When phase crossovers occurred there’d be a gradual muting and unmuting of certain elements of the music.

Then of course there was the night my partner in crime brought in an empty thread spool and a stub of a pencil. But the spool on the spindle, the record on top of that and secure with the pencil. Then counterweight the tone arm and you could play things backwards.

Then we also figured out how to boost our transmitting power. Sure that ran afoul of about three dozen FCC rules but who cared. It was a little non-commercial college radio station.

The phone patch was interesting. We didn’t have what in the industry is known as a gate. A gate would buffer anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds on on-air or phone content. In essence, what you said on the mic or phone didn’t go out for a few seconds. This lead to some interesting thing going out over the air.

It got so interesting that we developed a hair trigger reflex for any of the seven words you couldn’t say on radio or television. The second we even got wind we’d de-select the phone patch and then re-engage when all was clear.

The best part was digging through the record vault. We found some really old and interesting stuff in that vault. And we put it on the air. Why not, some of that stuff was really good.

Ticket giveaways were always fun. The phones would light up like Christmas trees and caller number n would get the tickets.

The most interesting part was when we did our final sign-off. There was a thank you party going on at one of the local clubs and so when we all showed up they were in for quite a shock. You see, our show was R&B/Funk/Soul. Here I was this skinny Italian kid that when on the air sounded black. It’s a little talent I have, speech alteration a la Michael Anthony Hall in Weird Science. But once the shock wore down, they realized I was touched by the funk, the whole funk, and nothing but the funk.

It was an experience I was glad to have.

It’s just a little gas

Ok, prepare for gross bodily humor here. Look, I’m a guy and we guys are champions when it comes to passing gas, also known as farting, cutting the cheese, crankin’ one, etc.

I fondly recall an incident one Saturday many years ago. I was with a friend and we’d been eating and quaffing quite a few things that would make us gassy. His living room was a rectangle, with the television at one of the short ends, and two couches running down both of the long sides.

We got into a little contest that day. Needless to say when his wife came home she literally turned green when she came in the door.

And here’s what I’ve noticed. IT people tend to see gas as a natural humor element. Makes for all sorts of fun at work. As a result I’ve mastered the art of the SBD, silent but deadly. This is particularly handy for elevators, crowded places, etc.

But check out this video on Chronic Flatulence:

It is inside me

I’m listening to Denice Williams “My Melody”. One of the lines of the song is “Some people feel it all around them, some people feel it deep inside…”

I’m the deep inside type. A repressed musician.

It’s funny, we were talking about it the other day when the boss let out that he was a trained classical pianist. I.T. people are either math people, musical people, or abstract reasoning types.

I’ve taken lots of tests and they all say I score very high musically and in the abstract fields. Yet I’ve never played an instrument in my life. Piano/Keyboard would probably be easiest for me since keyboard have been part of my life for over twenty years. I’m talking computer keyboards here but if I can manage a 101 key board, I can manage a piano or synthesizer. I realize the next task is understand what note/pitch/etc. each key occupies.

But I definitely have the music in me. It’s uncanny. One of the tests played you a series of notes, beats/rhythms and then played others that were close or not at all like the original. You had to identify which it was. I ended up scoring 94% on the test. The results said I was a talented musician. Funny stuff.

TMI #84 – The Time Sure Does Fly

1. What was your first job?

Working at NHD in 1980. It was a hardware store in which I learned all about plumbing, electrical, etc. that I needed to know in order to get through life without being a total spaz.

2. When did you go to your first funeral?

That would be the age of 13 when my mom died from metastatic breast cancer.

3. What is the sexiest word in the English dictionary?

Erection, and I’m not talking about the day you go into the booth and cast your vote.

4. Are you left handed or right handed? Which direction does the top of your head lean when you kiss on the lips?

Interestingly I’m ambidextrous but with a very slight preference for the left hand. But a kiss – well I’m leaning right.

5. Males: Which way do you dress?

For work it’s business casual most days, which means I’m missing a tie. Otherwise it’s jeans, a t-shirt or a lacoste type shirt. Shoes are interesting, they’re Converse All Stars but in suede and get this, they’re a sneaker that’s also a loafer. Everybody loves them. I’ve got two pairs, one in brown, one in black. Then I have regular sneakers, hikers, and that’s it.