So high – I know I’ll get in trouble!

Right now I’ve had too much sangria. But I’m feeling good and lovin’ everyone. I’m not a mean drunk, I’m a drunk who loves everyone. The world has this bright glow to it, and I want to enjoy it, love it, become one with it.

But I won’t get in trouble. I’ll be a little hung over in the morning but I’ll be at my baby’s graduation. I’m so proud of him. We’ve been together for fourteen years and I love him more now than ever.

And his family, oh I love his family. A laugh a minute. His mom is a peach, and his brothers are so cool. Why does my father have to be such a racist prick?

And here I am sober reading that post. My god, I sound like a total hippie.

3 thoughts on “So high – I know I’ll get in trouble!

  1. Cool Truthspew ……. being a little drunk myself once in a while I understand. Have a great time at the graduation.


  2. mean drunks are…mean. :) i am a touchy-feely drunk myself, in the sense that i would have my arm over your shoulder (trying to hang on so i won’t fall). i am usually very inhibited until i have a few drinks.

    congrats all around!!!

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