Racism – still alive and kicking

Even here in Rhode Island we still have racist mother fuckers out there. Tonight for example, I got a call from my landlord about people ‘lotterying’ on the porch. It took a minute for me to connect it, he said loitering.

Here’s the thing, we’ve been ‘loitering’ since we moved in. But this week Keyron’s family is here and it’s an overflow space. I also looked at the definition of loitering and by definition what we’re doing isn’t loitering. The relevant definition is: a : to remain in an area for no obvious reason b : to lag behind

Sitting and talking on a porch is not loitering. The obvious reason is to communicate. If I challenged our lease in court I’d win. But then relations with the landlord would suffer. I know the true reason of course, I’m not stupid. It’s because there were too many black people on the porch. The stupid son of a bitch doesn’t realize that the only difference between we who have slightly olive colored skin and those who have brown skin is a genetic change. That’s all. A small number of base pairs get switched around and your skin is brown, vs. white, olive, or what have you.

I was talking to Keyron’s brother Cory and his girlfriend Michelle. I said I was a bit surprised that we’ve not seen another Dr. King, Malcolm X or the like? It is almost as though the black community has given up.

Maybe the next crusader against racism will be an Italian boy, namely me. Why the hell not? Granted, I’d find it hard to gain acceptance in the black community because my motives would be in question.

But what are my motives? It’s quite simple in reality. I want to see an end to racism and full and equal treatment for everyone. I’ve seen far too many instances of outright and blatant racism.

The time Keyron met a client for the first time I was with him to assist in measuring, etc. The womans face dropped when she saw that Keyron was black. Then there was our former landlord, Lynn Bruso. Mrs. Bruso was this blond bimbo type who didn’t know her ass from her elbow, but she treated me with utmost respect and Keyron with utmost disrespect. And now this guy.

So join me in denouncing discrimination of any form. It is counterproductive and annoys me to no end.

2 thoughts on “Racism – still alive and kicking

  1. I am Italian as well. I have encountered racists bastards right here in Warwick, RI myself. It is amazing how people can be. I cannot get over the hatred and ignorance. I am, also, Italian. It is time that white people stop looking the other way. What is wrong, is wrong regardless of the color of your skin. Black people should have never been battling alone. We should have all stood up for what is right. Now, I am standing up as I have always stood up. One world!

  2. I have also experienced this several times unfortunately! It’s sad that people don’t know how to stand up for what is right. It is also sad to think our children will have to grow up in a world with such ignorance as what goes on today. The more people who stand up for equality and integrity today will pave the way for a better world for our children!!

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