I have to say

I’m really digging life without cable. Well, there is cable but I just use it for 20mbps net service. Yeah, Cox has now thrown down the gauntlet to Verizon’s FIOS 15mbps limit.

But I gotta say, the web has become a good substitute for a television. For example, this little Robot Chicken clip about The Book of Life is hilarious. Right up there with the Calvin & Hobbes parody I posted earlier, or the one with the Tooth Fairy.

Or maybe their Fast and the Furious take off. Or maybe Grand Theft Mario

I’ve always loved Seth Green, for more reasons than one might think but it is his work on Robot Chicken that really shines. Such sick, twisted, demented thing set me all atwitter, nearly rolling on the proverbial floor laughing my ass off. (NROTPFLMAO). Hmm.. since I enjoy it so much what the hell does it say about me?

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