It is inside me

I’m listening to Denice Williams “My Melody”. One of the lines of the song is “Some people feel it all around them, some people feel it deep inside…”

I’m the deep inside type. A repressed musician.

It’s funny, we were talking about it the other day when the boss let out that he was a trained classical pianist. I.T. people are either math people, musical people, or abstract reasoning types.

I’ve taken lots of tests and they all say I score very high musically and in the abstract fields. Yet I’ve never played an instrument in my life. Piano/Keyboard would probably be easiest for me since keyboard have been part of my life for over twenty years. I’m talking computer keyboards here but if I can manage a 101 key board, I can manage a piano or synthesizer. I realize the next task is understand what note/pitch/etc. each key occupies.

But I definitely have the music in me. It’s uncanny. One of the tests played you a series of notes, beats/rhythms and then played others that were close or not at all like the original. You had to identify which it was. I ended up scoring 94% on the test. The results said I was a talented musician. Funny stuff.

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