It’s just a little gas

Ok, prepare for gross bodily humor here. Look, I’m a guy and we guys are champions when it comes to passing gas, also known as farting, cutting the cheese, crankin’ one, etc.

I fondly recall an incident one Saturday many years ago. I was with a friend and we’d been eating and quaffing quite a few things that would make us gassy. His living room was a rectangle, with the television at one of the short ends, and two couches running down both of the long sides.

We got into a little contest that day. Needless to say when his wife came home she literally turned green when she came in the door.

And here’s what I’ve noticed. IT people tend to see gas as a natural humor element. Makes for all sorts of fun at work. As a result I’ve mastered the art of the SBD, silent but deadly. This is particularly handy for elevators, crowded places, etc.

But check out this video on Chronic Flatulence:

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