Energy Conservation vs. Utility Companies

A while back I read where Ontario Power had so encouraged conservation that their revenues dropped by a significant amount because people were using less energy. So OP’s solution? Hike the rates.

Verizon has lost 43% of it’s business in Rhode Island. Their solution? Hike the rates.

Now in California gas and electric utilities are fighting subsidizing solar water heaters. They say it’ll cost between $10 million and $14 million over ten years. That’s a piddling sum for a utility company. Their real fear is what one legislator pointed out, it would reduce gas usage by 24% in the Encino region, and 5% in the state.

Considering their revenues are in the billions of dollars, you can see quite clearly why they’re trying to tank the legislation.

Fuck big business. Their rapacious ways got us where we are today and I’m happy that people are giving them the finger. A business is a ficititious entity anyhow and deserves no rights under the 14th amendment whatsoever. This needs to be addressed in a court of law sooner or later because if we allow corporations to run roughshod over our lives.

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