The Bush War Blues by Billy Bragg compliments of Leadbelly

I just happened to be trolling around the web as I’m oft wont to do when I found Billy Bragg’s appearance on the Henry Rollins show.

He does a very good job excoriating George W. Bush and his crew including Halliburton. Because if you don’t believe that the objectives of this war have been met, you need to step back and see who really benefits from this particular war. It wasn’t the U.S. or the Iraqi’s, definitely not. However the profits at Halliburton among other oil interests are astronomical.

Our normal budget for the United States Armed Forces is about $500 billion a year. But with Iraq and Afghanistan (remember them?) that scales up to $1 trillion a year. You could find Social Security on that for the next hundred years, among many other things. But now we know where the money is going, into the pockets of the fat cats of these corporations. The shareholders are also complicit, just look at their stock performance over the past month.

You’ve read my pieces where I go on and on about the evil that corporations represent. There is no clearer example than what is going on now.

I would dearly love to see our political system de-polluted. And to accomplish that we first much break the corporate dominance of not just our federal government, but even local governments.

Work to abolish constitutional protections for corporations. The theory of protection is based on false reasoning and decisions. In essence a court clerk inserted language into a decision that gave corporations de facto rights, same as we corporal beings.

Second work to enact real term limitations for legislators, mayors, etc.

I also believe the more parties, the better. Up until recently Italy had just such a situation and they seemed to do well enough. Maybe it’s our turn to try run off elections for President, or even city council seats.

Maybe then we won’t have to exercise our Constitutional rights. You know which one I’m talking about, if not visit the link and refresh your memory since it seems we’ve all become too complacent. Our founding fathers knew that governments could turn tyrannical or despotic and that is precisely what we have now. So they proscribed remedies for such things. They hadn’t counted upon the fourth estate of government, a media so savvy about controlling the emotional climate in the United States. But some of us can see past the fluff that they offer us as news. Multiple sources are a good start.

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