Learn how to swear in most any language

Oh this is too cool. In language classes they rarely teach you the juicy bits, unless of course you have an instructor that’s with it enough to realize that if you use the language, you’re more than likely going to hear such phrases.

At this link for example, I finally realized what Va funcuolo Dio and tutte e santi means. In essence, Fuck Christ and all the Saints. I love that one. The English perversion is Jesus Fucking Christ.

Here are the Italian curses

And here’s the index to many other languages. My primary interests are Spanish and Italian. And this site is a treasure trove.

I realize the site may not be all inclusive. But I did notice one thing. The list of Spanish curses seems rather mundane to me while the Italian curses are very colorful. I’ll have to memorize a few.

Have fun!

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