Month: May 2007

My powers of perception

On Wednesday of this past week I’d finally had enough. Charles had been staying with us the better part of two months and while going through the motions of trying to get his life on track, I knew he wasn’t making an effort. Why do so when things are just provided without any of that pesky begging or asking.

Charles is both bi-polar and manic depressive. The depression is enough to rub off on anyone, inlcuding Keyron. I didn’t get it as much because I’m out of the house for at least 40+ hours a week. It’s effect on Keyron is to make him agitated and hard to get along with. So on Wednesday I’d had enough and told Charles to, and I quote myself here, “Get the fuck out!” He did, moving to a transitional housing for the disabled.

But each day since Charles has been at this house, taking up Keyron’s time. Yesterday I was most pissed as at 7PM I had dinner ready and he was still consuming Keyron’s time. Dinner was a miserable affair because I was going to tell Charles to fucking beat it.

So I told Keyron that Charles would be back today. I was so right. Around 1PM the doorbell rings and who is it? You guessed it, Charles.

I have to pick Charles up at 7:45 tomorrow morning for his first day on his new job at Brown University. I told him the way I roll is that he’ll be out there ready at 7:45AM and that if he isn’t I’ll wait a few minutes and then I’m gone.

Charles is someone for whom limits have to be set. And I have to be the one to set those limits.

The other thing that moved me to throw Charles out was this little habit of his. Instead of asking for something, like a ride to the supermarket he’ll wait until I’m comfortable, shoes off and reading my book to poke his head around the corner and announce “Before you get comfortable…”

Last night I knew that was going to happen so know what I did? I had three glasses of wine so guess what, you carried your ass here, you can carry it back. I’m not driving. A little preemptive first strike in my little passive-aggressive war.

I almost want him to take a shot at me, then I can file charges and start proceedings for a no contact order. Only then will this pain in the ass end.

I have to say

I’m really digging life without cable. Well, there is cable but I just use it for 20mbps net service. Yeah, Cox has now thrown down the gauntlet to Verizon’s FIOS 15mbps limit.

But I gotta say, the web has become a good substitute for a television. For example, this little Robot Chicken clip about The Book of Life is hilarious. Right up there with the Calvin & Hobbes parody I posted earlier, or the one with the Tooth Fairy.

Or maybe their Fast and the Furious take off. Or maybe Grand Theft Mario

I’ve always loved Seth Green, for more reasons than one might think but it is his work on Robot Chicken that really shines. Such sick, twisted, demented thing set me all atwitter, nearly rolling on the proverbial floor laughing my ass off. (NROTPFLMAO). Hmm.. since I enjoy it so much what the hell does it say about me?

I AM a Ham

So occasionally The Tonight Show has some redeeming value. In this case it put morse code (Or as we hams call it, CW for Continuous Wave.) up against test messaging.

The gentleman sending the morse code is using what is called paddles. Paddles are sweet but I’d have rather seen this done with a plain old fashioned key.

Here’s the video:

And as a ham who did his 20WPM code without issue, I must say that working CW is lots of fun.

For example, a while back I got a QSL card from a ham in Germany. The card stated it was a CW contact but I haven’t worked CW in years.

So apparently someone needs to improve their copy skills.

A joke that is turning serious

Quite a number of years ago when I was still active in amateur radio, we ran across a gentleman by the name of Chuck Hendricks, N1KRM.

Chuck was studying to become a reverend. My buddy and I are atheistic to the maximum and so we’d rib Chuck a little bit when we got the chance.

Well, we found out that the church Chuck was studying under would grant you the privileges of a reverend for a nominal fee. We both signed up, me as a Bishop, my buddy as a Reverend. Lo and behold when Chuck showed his card, it was the same as ours.

So with that in mind, I’m legally allowed to perform marriages in the U.S. it turns out that Keyron’s brother and his girl want to get married and guess who gets to officiate? Yes, me.

The coolness factor of this is extremely high. I mean, how many other people get to join together their brother-in-law and his new wife? And I could really enjoy doing marriages/unions. A fun little way to make a little extra dough, that’s for sure.

But it’s funny how life throws these little curves.

Racism – still alive and kicking

Even here in Rhode Island we still have racist mother fuckers out there. Tonight for example, I got a call from my landlord about people ‘lotterying’ on the porch. It took a minute for me to connect it, he said loitering.

Here’s the thing, we’ve been ‘loitering’ since we moved in. But this week Keyron’s family is here and it’s an overflow space. I also looked at the definition of loitering and by definition what we’re doing isn’t loitering. The relevant definition is: a : to remain in an area for no obvious reason b : to lag behind

Sitting and talking on a porch is not loitering. The obvious reason is to communicate. If I challenged our lease in court I’d win. But then relations with the landlord would suffer. I know the true reason of course, I’m not stupid. It’s because there were too many black people on the porch. The stupid son of a bitch doesn’t realize that the only difference between we who have slightly olive colored skin and those who have brown skin is a genetic change. That’s all. A small number of base pairs get switched around and your skin is brown, vs. white, olive, or what have you.

I was talking to Keyron’s brother Cory and his girlfriend Michelle. I said I was a bit surprised that we’ve not seen another Dr. King, Malcolm X or the like? It is almost as though the black community has given up.

Maybe the next crusader against racism will be an Italian boy, namely me. Why the hell not? Granted, I’d find it hard to gain acceptance in the black community because my motives would be in question.

But what are my motives? It’s quite simple in reality. I want to see an end to racism and full and equal treatment for everyone. I’ve seen far too many instances of outright and blatant racism.

The time Keyron met a client for the first time I was with him to assist in measuring, etc. The womans face dropped when she saw that Keyron was black. Then there was our former landlord, Lynn Bruso. Mrs. Bruso was this blond bimbo type who didn’t know her ass from her elbow, but she treated me with utmost respect and Keyron with utmost disrespect. And now this guy.

So join me in denouncing discrimination of any form. It is counterproductive and annoys me to no end.

So high – I know I’ll get in trouble!

Right now I’ve had too much sangria. But I’m feeling good and lovin’ everyone. I’m not a mean drunk, I’m a drunk who loves everyone. The world has this bright glow to it, and I want to enjoy it, love it, become one with it.

But I won’t get in trouble. I’ll be a little hung over in the morning but I’ll be at my baby’s graduation. I’m so proud of him. We’ve been together for fourteen years and I love him more now than ever.

And his family, oh I love his family. A laugh a minute. His mom is a peach, and his brothers are so cool. Why does my father have to be such a racist prick?

And here I am sober reading that post. My god, I sound like a total hippie.

A Robot Chicken interpretation of Calvin and Hobbes

Since I did away with cable television in favor of a faster network connection I do occasionally miss things like Robot Chicken. Who the hell am I kidding, I see it on the web all the time. E.g. Google Video

In any case, Calvin and Hobbes is a favorite comic strip of mine. Bill Watterson is a genius and I lament the fact that he no longer draws Calvin and Hobbes.

Other favorites were The Far Side by Gary Larson, and Bloom County by Berke Breathed.

Anyhow this was a long comic retrospective for me so I present without hesitation the Robot Chicken interpretation of my beloved Calvin and Hobbes:

The DC Madam Speaks

Oh this is delightful. Granted they didn’t get the names of congressmen or anyone in the white house, but they did get some very deserving people.

I’m talking about DC Madam Jeane Palfrey and her talk with ABC News.

It appears Palfrey was running a very high class operation. And the best part, I live in a city where if the act is performed behind closed doors, there’s not a damned thing they can do about it. So in essence, you could run a service here and make quite a living at it.

The ones doing it now are idiots. They setup store fronts, use foreign women brought here under nefarious circumstances and become easy targets for police who ultimately bust them on licensing issues. And our legislature refuses to close the loophole. Could it be because their pockets are being lined by the men bringing these women into the country? Or could it be that some of our esteemed legislators are clients? We’ll never know.

But I bet a smart woman or man could make a killing selling services in this city.

What a week

Got a lot accomplished this week. Rolled out an Ubuntu image for public workstations and a co-worker and I did some troubleshooting on web issue.

Keyron’s family is in for the graduation on Sunday. Today I get home and his brother Chris is at the hospital. They’re thinking stroke but when they explained the symptoms I immediately knew what it was, Bell’s Palsy. I had it once when I was in my 20’s and it’s scary as hell but it’s something you get over with very little after effect.
He also had a drainage tube placed in one of his ears. Here I am going months to find out my eardrum is retracting because of a damned infection and they COULD have put tubes in my ears but no, I have to go to an ENT who’s averse to that.

So tonight I got a little teensy bit drunk. Just a little bit. Three glasses of wine seem to do it for me but I’m still awake and just feeling pretty damned good.

But it got me thinking. I can drink myself into a stupor but pot isn’t legal. What kind of a twisted and fucked up world is that?

It’s that time again kids, TMI Tuesday #81

1. Ideal amount of sex per week?

Hmmm – as if you have to ask. Daily would be good.

2. Ever had an online affair?

Nah – lacks the physical and I’m all about the physical.

3. Are you a member of the mile high club?

Nope. Never had a long enough flight to engage in anything serious.

4. Are you predjudice against any particular group of people?

None at all. I may be a bit misogynistic sometimes but I’m usually pretty reserved about that. It’s just that in my experience, I strongly dislike working for a woman. Maybe it’s because the vast majority of women I’ve worked for have been overcompensating bitches.

5. What constitutes bad sex?

I don’t get off. That’s bad sex.

Bonus (as in optional): Can females ejaculate?

From what I’ve seen around the web, yes they can.

Can you do this? haha

I’m male, and yes I can squirt.