17th Anniversary of the Tank Man

It was 17 years ago that the events of Tiananmen Square were broadcast to the western world. But in China it was suppressed.

There’s a very interesting video on Google from a British program called “The Cutting Edge – Tiananmen Square: The Tank Man”. It’s fifty two minutes long but it has some interesting moments in it.

The Tank Man is now an icon in the west but he hasn’t been completely forgotten in China. There is a part towards the end of the video where they show the picture of the Tank Man to university students in Beijing. Of the three two KNOW what it is but are afraid to say it.

The other interesting part is how Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Cisco are enabling the ChiCom government to both limit what the people can see on the net while also giving Chinese police the tools they need to track internet usage.

They showed what a Google image search would yield when searched in the western world, the same search in China only shows positive images of Tiananmen Square, nothing about Tank Man or the uprising.

At this current moment I’m using Microsoft and Cisco gear to post this. And Cisco’s defense is weak to say the least, that they sell the same gear everywhere. Yeah, and I can fly without any external support.

The other thing the video touches on is the rise of cities in China and how the country is now China A and China B. China A is comprised of the cities, while China B is the peasant classes in the countryside which is by far the main composition of the Chinese population.

The problem is that China B is getting the message too. They want what their city brethren have. So there’ll be another revolution in China very shortly.

And if the government in the U.S. isn’t careful we may very well see the same thing here. It’s becoming a dispute between the haves and the have nots. And when push comes to shove it’s going to get ugly. I suppose that’s what we get for letting corporations pull the strings.

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