Stereo systems and speakers

So I dusted off the Nikko NR-650 – list for that baby was $500 in the day, that had to be around 1987. It’s held up pretty well, I just have to clean the volume control out. But I’ve had it for near twenty years and it still works. No reason to commit it to the trash heap. I’m frugal that way. If something keeps working for me, I see no reason to throw it out. This system is one of the few things that kept on going. My first CD player was close to $300. Now they give the things away.

Anyhow the Advent Prodigy Towers are functional but the surrounds on the woofers have disintegrated over the years. So I needed to hookup something and then I remembered I had some Realistic Minimus 7 speakers around.

So I hooked those up. I forgot how good they sounded. Radio Shack stopped carrying them a couple years back and there was a lot of outcry. I originally paid about $40 for them when they were new, and I had them hooked up in the bedroom. But I like them, they’re unobtrusive, sounds fairly decent and with some simple mods can be made to sound even better. Highly recommended if you can find a pair, ebay is a good place to start.

One of these days I’ll replace the surrounds on the Advents. Those will blow you out of the house.

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