Al Gore’s “The Assault on Reason”

I just got it at the public library. First, I do love the fact that our public library can get a hot new book in someones hands so quickly. Plus the fact I knew the book arrived because my Library Elf RSS feed told me it was there.

Anyhow, The Assault on Reason is holding my attention rather well. I just started reading it this afternoon but there’s one section on television versus reading that really hits home for me. In essence it says that television enhances the entropy of the mind.

I’ll update this as I read more of the book since I’m only on page 21 right now.


I’m now solidly into the first chapter. Why the hell isn’t this guy our President? Seriously, he may be viewed as a wonk and all but isn’t it about time we had a brainiac in the White House?

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