MA Man files suit over gay marriage question on Bar exam

Seems that Stephen Dunne failed the Massachusetts Bar exam by 1.2 points. But he’s upset because he skipped a question on gay marriage. Now he doesn’t want it factored into the score.

Poor baby – law is law. First of all, even if they gave him the credit he’d still be .2 points from the MINIMUM. I wouldn’t want this nitwit to represent me in the first place. Yes, I know the Bar is a fairly tough exam but I also know lots of less than stellar attorneys who passed it the first try.

You just know that this guy was put up to his shenanigans by Focus on the Family or some other group of their ilk, including the Roman Catholic Church. Yes, I dumped the RCC in with that other zany hate group because Benny the Rat seems to be pushing the church in the same direction as FOF.

One thought on “MA Man files suit over gay marriage question on Bar exam

  1. Stephen Dunne- Bar-exam flunker sues: Wannabe rejects gay-wed question, law

    I hate to admit it but I’m related to this ( Stephen Dunne )con-artist/thief. He failed the Pa. Bar exam 4 times and got into serious legal trouble in the Philly area and thought it was time to leave town, back to Boston where he went to school. As a close relative of this scumbag/politician type/ lawyer want to be, I would never ever do any business with this guy because he’d rob you blind and your mother too!!

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