Finding out your social group is a bunch of freaks…priceless

Well, casa Truthspew has been sort of the social gathering place quite a bit this past week. Well, on the Tuesday the 3rd of July things got a little out of hand.

We will refer to the parties as myself, Keyron, A&B, and C&D. I’m using letters instead of initials for two reasons, one to somewhat protect the identities of the parties involved, and second because at least two of them share the same first name.

C&D are major sluts. Major! Their tales of the bathhouse were quite interesting and had tipped me off that they were for lack of a better word, loose. Anyhow C had a thing for A and that night after watching the fireworks we came back here. Well D was walking around with a hard-on and I think he wanted to get it on with A&B. After a bit C&D gave A&B a ride home. Only problem is that when they got to A&B’s house, C&D invited themselves in.

A&B tried to play it off using the standard explanations that they were drunk, etc. That lasted until I pointed out that they remembered everything before and after the event so they weren’t THAT drunk. I explained that there’s always time to bail out, but A&B just pushed ahead.

It all tumbled when C mentioned the rug burn to Keyron. And this evening it comes out that it wasn’t a good time for all. First off, it was lights off for the entire event. And it turns out that D is needle dick the bug fucker and C has the black hole of Calcutta. It seems A had to fist C, and that’s pretty much the only activity D can do for C. Both A&B fucked C&D. All in all, a bad situation.

On the 4th we were all invited to a cookout at D’s house. I wondered why A&B were acting so funny on the way down. D was playing Michale Buble’s “Feeling Good” (I much prefer Nina Simone’s version btw.) and then Eminem “Dirty Ho” and D was singing along with Eminem. I knew something was up but couldn’t put my finger on it. The gathering was somewhat subdued, imagine six gay people with six straight people and you get the idea. I was probably the most social of the bunch.

So anyhow it all came to a head this evening when Keyron put two and two together and realized his hunch was correct. Because C&D have hardwood floors, while A&B have rugs.

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I’d like to thank A&B for relaying the story. I’m just the one blogging about it.

And in hindsight I should have warned Keyron. Anytime you have a social gathering clique, these kinds of things are bound to happen. It’s all about proximity. I remember my incidents from years before I met Keyron. Embarrassing to say the least and luckily the only party who knew about it is long dead.

I tried videoing the confession put the parties involved wanted some anonymity so I acquiesced.. And A, B, C all appear in my flickr photo set.

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