Come out, come out wherever you are!

Everyone has a different coming out story. I never really had to tell anyone I was an atheist and my dad and I had many fun conversations about it. I think having to be coerced with cash for my confirmation helped a good deal.

For example, the accusation that I never believed in God came out a good dozen or more times. I never denied what that I was an atheist. But I’m a dangerous atheist for I remember the dogma, and the content of the Bible.

So when dad made the comment that the Bible said that black people shouldn’t be with white people I had some fun with it. First off, I know that no such verse exists in the book. So I asked dad if he’d ever read it for himself, or was it spoon fed to him by a pastor. You can guess the answer. I also brought up the very valid point that Jesus himself was Jewish and more than likely was Semitic and had a somewhat permanent tan. Dad almost went apoplectic on that one. Yes, I’m a strident atheist.

But the mom in this video is a Wingnut of the 9th order. I often wonder how my mom would have taken it had she still been alive. My hunch is that she would have been fine with it since I’ve been told that my social liberalism and disdain for organized religion came from my mother, or so my aunt tells me.

I find it interesting that the mom threatens the kid with nothing for Christmas and when the kid replies that it’s OK, she then keeps going off the deep end.

I’m relatively certain that dad still prays for my soul. But since I have no soul, and there is no God, it won’t help me any. I guess it’s a nice gesture but the old man and I exist on different planes of existence. His world is all about the religious, my world is all about the secular.

4 thoughts on “Come out, come out wherever you are!

  1. wow, typical xtian reaction, hatred and anger. The poor kid. I hope he stands his ground. Wasn’t it interesting that all of a sudden they are going to go to church EVERY Sunday, like that will help.

    The kid will just see hypocrites who play god all the time. What a load of shit! The priest he is going to go to probably doesn’t believe in God either.


  2. The more I think of that video the more upset I get! No presents for Xmas? It’s a pagan holiday, that is why we have xmas trees, holly and wreaths for gods sake.

    That mother is wacko!


  3. The mother is certifiable, but that’s unrelated to her religious beliefs. She’d be a loon without God.

    It’s amusing to watch atheists “preach” their religion in their own way. It just so happens that the most vocal person I know on the subject of religion is an atheist and he’s always trying to convert people.

    I guess that’s just one of life’s funny little twists.

  4. I’m not certain that if you’re trying to convince someone to rejoin a church or what have you, that using “fucking” and “bullshit” is the BEST way to go about it.

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