New tenants. Why? Why?

So the upstairs tenants are pretty much moved in. The guy who maintains the property had a couple of college grad students but the guy who owns it rented to a family, with kids natch.

My Sunday peace has been shattered. One of the kids has done nothing but scream all afternoon. And they sound like a herd of fucking elephants.

Thankfully I spend a bit more than 40 hours a week out of the house. But I’m pretty sure this is going to drive Keyron up the wall.

2 thoughts on “New tenants. Why? Why?

  1. I am old enough to remember adult only complexes…It was great no kids to sequel or run around causing problem. Now it has to be a 55 and older complex …. Drag

  2. I remember the good ole’ day with ADULT only complexes. No screaming kids packed into a too small apartment to house them anyway. Now pools and Jacuzzis are over run with the great unwashed of American youth.


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