More star observations

So last night the weather cooperated to some degree and I trained the binoculars southward again. I saw the usuals, Jupiter, Antares, etc. But last night I added to my catalog.

I saw:
Han (Which doesn’t have a Wikipedia link yet),
Sabik (Eta Ophiuchi)
Yed Prior (Delta Ophiuchi)
Alnasl (Gamma Sagittarii)
Kaus Meridianalis, Kaus Australis, Kaus Borealis (All the Kaus’s are part of Delta Sagittarii)
Nunki (Sigma Sagittarii)
Ascella (Zeta Sagittarii),
Wei (Epsilon Scorpii)
Mu1 Scorpii
Alpha Librae
Beta Librae

All these stars are in the constellations Sagittarius, Scorpio and Libra if that sort of stuff appeals to you. I’m in the process of rigging up a mounting bracket to put the binoculars on a tripod and it also has a flexible arm on which to mount my digital camera. Aim and shoot. Maybe I’ll do a video of the movement of the stars. They tend to move upwards and to the right, otherwise known as right ascension.

I saw all this with a pair of binoculars, they’re Orion 10×50 and pretty good. But I want something more, something which which I might be able to resolve some of the Messier catalog and NGC catalog through the damned light pollution of my city. The something more is a SkyQuest XT10 Reflector. It’s only 55lbs so it’s light enough to carry, and a 10″ mirror is a pretty good light gathering platform. Of course I should setup the Truthspew relief fund, I mean I’ve already got a paypal account setup. And it’s only $550. Help a poor amateur astronomer.

One thought on “More star observations

  1. Hi Truthspew,
    $550 bucks is a decent price for a reflector and IS a good light gathering platform.Unfortunately,amateur astronomy is a money pit,especially if funds are limited!.It all begins with the scope.Then as time goes on you will start getting the itch for more toys to add to it i.e cameras (ccd and or DSLR),filters of which can cost in the hundreds of dollars,eye pieces (also hundreds of dollars),goto mounts-thousands of dollars(gotta love tracking) depending on the type and another small scope for guiding/observing.All in all,it is a extremely fun hobby and well worth the time,effort and money spent!.Their is nothing finer than listening to a town/neighborhood goto sleep at night….well almost nothing finer.HAHAHAHAHA!.

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