Dissatisfaction with Congress

I’ve come to the conclusion that the average Americans represented in these polls about the performance of congress are idiots.

For the last five years congress was under the control of Republicans who pretty much rolled over and did whatever the Bush administration wanted them to do. And oversight wasn’t one of their top priorities for had it been so, the Bush administration would never have gotten its way.

The incoming Democratic administration had to pickup the pieces and that isn’t an easy process.

For example, this congress now has quite a few active oversight investigations running, something woefully lacking under the Republican controlled congress.

And the Kucinich articles of impeachment are gathering steam. There are quite a few co-sponsors on that bill.

But I was watching Bill Moyers on PBS and the guests made a very good point. Very few of our congressmen have any idea of the content of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Maybe we should have a Know Your Constitution clause for all congressmen. Test them on it every year, make sure they know the framework for their jobs. Having our congressmen firmly grounded in Constitutional knowledge would benefit all of us.

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