Month: July 2007

Come out, come out wherever you are!

Everyone has a different coming out story. I never really had to tell anyone I was an atheist and my dad and I had many fun conversations about it. I think having to be coerced with cash for my confirmation helped a good deal.

For example, the accusation that I never believed in God came out a good dozen or more times. I never denied what that I was an atheist. But I’m a dangerous atheist for I remember the dogma, and the content of the Bible.

So when dad made the comment that the Bible said that black people shouldn’t be with white people I had some fun with it. First off, I know that no such verse exists in the book. So I asked dad if he’d ever read it for himself, or was it spoon fed to him by a pastor. You can guess the answer. I also brought up the very valid point that Jesus himself was Jewish and more than likely was Semitic and had a somewhat permanent tan. Dad almost went apoplectic on that one. Yes, I’m a strident atheist.

But the mom in this video is a Wingnut of the 9th order. I often wonder how my mom would have taken it had she still been alive. My hunch is that she would have been fine with it since I’ve been told that my social liberalism and disdain for organized religion came from my mother, or so my aunt tells me.

I find it interesting that the mom threatens the kid with nothing for Christmas and when the kid replies that it’s OK, she then keeps going off the deep end.

I’m relatively certain that dad still prays for my soul. But since I have no soul, and there is no God, it won’t help me any. I guess it’s a nice gesture but the old man and I exist on different planes of existence. His world is all about the religious, my world is all about the secular.

Finding out your social group is a bunch of freaks…priceless

Well, casa Truthspew has been sort of the social gathering place quite a bit this past week. Well, on the Tuesday the 3rd of July things got a little out of hand.

We will refer to the parties as myself, Keyron, A&B, and C&D. I’m using letters instead of initials for two reasons, one to somewhat protect the identities of the parties involved, and second because at least two of them share the same first name.

C&D are major sluts. Major! Their tales of the bathhouse were quite interesting and had tipped me off that they were for lack of a better word, loose. Anyhow C had a thing for A and that night after watching the fireworks we came back here. Well D was walking around with a hard-on and I think he wanted to get it on with A&B. After a bit C&D gave A&B a ride home. Only problem is that when they got to A&B’s house, C&D invited themselves in.

A&B tried to play it off using the standard explanations that they were drunk, etc. That lasted until I pointed out that they remembered everything before and after the event so they weren’t THAT drunk. I explained that there’s always time to bail out, but A&B just pushed ahead.

It all tumbled when C mentioned the rug burn to Keyron. And this evening it comes out that it wasn’t a good time for all. First off, it was lights off for the entire event. And it turns out that D is needle dick the bug fucker and C has the black hole of Calcutta. It seems A had to fist C, and that’s pretty much the only activity D can do for C. Both A&B fucked C&D. All in all, a bad situation.

On the 4th we were all invited to a cookout at D’s house. I wondered why A&B were acting so funny on the way down. D was playing Michale Buble’s “Feeling Good” (I much prefer Nina Simone’s version btw.) and then Eminem “Dirty Ho” and D was singing along with Eminem. I knew something was up but couldn’t put my finger on it. The gathering was somewhat subdued, imagine six gay people with six straight people and you get the idea. I was probably the most social of the bunch.

So anyhow it all came to a head this evening when Keyron put two and two together and realized his hunch was correct. Because C&D have hardwood floors, while A&B have rugs.

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I’d like to thank A&B for relaying the story. I’m just the one blogging about it.

And in hindsight I should have warned Keyron. Anytime you have a social gathering clique, these kinds of things are bound to happen. It’s all about proximity. I remember my incidents from years before I met Keyron. Embarrassing to say the least and luckily the only party who knew about it is long dead.

I tried videoing the confession put the parties involved wanted some anonymity so I acquiesced.. And A, B, C all appear in my flickr photo set.

MA Man files suit over gay marriage question on Bar exam

Seems that Stephen Dunne failed the Massachusetts Bar exam by 1.2 points. But he’s upset because he skipped a question on gay marriage. Now he doesn’t want it factored into the score.

Poor baby – law is law. First of all, even if they gave him the credit he’d still be .2 points from the MINIMUM. I wouldn’t want this nitwit to represent me in the first place. Yes, I know the Bar is a fairly tough exam but I also know lots of less than stellar attorneys who passed it the first try.

You just know that this guy was put up to his shenanigans by Focus on the Family or some other group of their ilk, including the Roman Catholic Church. Yes, I dumped the RCC in with that other zany hate group because Benny the Rat seems to be pushing the church in the same direction as FOF.

More on Moore’s Sicko

Seems Michael Moore gave a special showing of Sicko to members of Congress. In the attached video he also laid out the basis for us to go to a national health insurance system. I support that idea. It would make my life easier. I could basically work anywhere I wanted without having to worry about cost of health care for myself and Keyron.

When I think about it, I’d be more likely to take my small business up a notch if that came to pass.

The bill is only twenty six pages in pdf format. It’s a little bit on the light side, but I can tell you now that I don’t see H676 ever seeing the light of day. I say that because there’s an entrenched system of insurers and billing companies out there that would simply have to be dissolved were such a bill to pass both houses and then be signed by the president.

Lots of jobs would be lost though most of those losing their jobs would be low skilled people. All the folks with more advanced degrees and such would be covered, and probably absorbed into the new system. But the nice thing is, even those low skilled people would have health coverage under a national system.

But the biggest dog is the insurance industry. When you think about insurance you see that it is a game. They won’t insure you if you’re any type of risk at all, which is why I find the linking of credit rating to insurance prices to be ridiculous. But health insurers are the worst since they can deny you for the most ludicrous reasons, like calling a newly found cancer a pre-existing condition. The health care insurance system should be dismantled since in its current form it does not serve the people, only the shareholders.

And if you’re one of those people who believes the myths about nationalized health systems I suggest you watch the movie. You might be surprised about how our own government screws us over in the United States.

The bill sponsored by Conyers, Kucinich, et al goes a way toward resolving that. So write or call your representatives and ask them to support h676. Granted, your voice or letter might not carry the same weight as the promise of campaign dollars, but if enough of us lift our voices in outrage maybe they’ll realize that they serve us, not corporations.