The Words of our Forefathers

This video states it quite powerfully and does so in just about five minutes.

I found this video on a site called “Government Control – Educated Yourself!” I’ll forgive the syntactical issue but the vids at the site are awesome. I’m glad someone aggregated them in one place.

I did watch Zeitgeist. Spend a couple hours and learn that Christianity is a fraud, that corporate interests rule our very lives and the wars we fight.

We need to take our country back. The Republicans and Democrats are cut from the same cloth, they have to be since they’re all financed by the same companies. We need a part of, by and for the people that stands in opposition to corporate rights and in support of human rights.

As stated in the attached video our government should be afraid of us.

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One thought on “The Words of our Forefathers

  1. Great video. Our government has become way to powerful. We need leaders to take back the right of people to disagree with their failed policies.


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