It’s TMI Time again

1. What is one thing a your significant other could do to you to rock your world?

That’s one I have to think long and hard about since he pretty much does rock my world. There’s no single thing, but when he kisses me he kisses me. That’s damned good stuff.

2. Which super power (ability to turn invisible, ability to read people’s thoughts, or invulnerability) would you take and why?

I’d take one not listed there, immortality. Then I could piss on the graves of my enemies.

3. Would you rather be tied up or tie someone else up? Why?

Oh tie me up. I love that feeling of not being in control.

4. What is your best physical and non physical asset?

My eyes. I got the Mediterranean hazel eyes that in bright light look green. As for non-physical, it’d have to be my personality.

5. If they were naming new Dwarves beyond the seven what would your name be and why?

Silly Dwarf. It doesn’t really come out in my blog but I’m the master of the one line zingers. I was going to go with Horny Dwarf but felt that might be a bit more challenging to explain.

Bonus: What’s the most embarrassing thing you ever bought?

As a teenager it had to be the porn.

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