Today’s “If God meant us to be naked we’d have been born that way!” Idiot!

First off I’m not sure how to categorize this one. Wait, wait, prudes. There we go. I’ve been told I’m a bit prudish but what they really don’t know is my public persona and private persona are two different things.

Anyhow this guy rambles on about the fact that more than 80% of a womans skin is exposed while wearing a bikini. He’s like the Taliban in the United States. And what about we men. Should we wish we can though not all of us should, wear the tiniest little thong and hit the beach. There’s definitely more than 80% skin showing there. But Mr. Blais doesn’t see that side of the argument.

I think we ought to give Mr. Blais the Ludovico treatment from A Clockwork Orange for Mr. Blais but with a slight twist. Just expose him to hours and hours of lesbian porn while propping his eyes open so he doesn’t miss a second and shooting him up with drugs that make him euphoric. Maybe check for tumescence because I get the feeling that Mr. Blais is probably suffering from ED which would explain his attitude that he has to police the beaches and be the enforcer of morality.

But wait for it, the answer comes at the end of the letter. Seems Mr. Blais has drunk the kool-aid.

Anyhow you can now peruse the Letter to the Editor that he wrote. I’d link it but the local rag, the Providence Journal requires registration and the BugMeNot extension doesn’t work with it.

The bikini should be considered indecent exposure: They are more than 80 percent nudity.

My wife and I recently returned from Narragansett, where we camp during the summer, and we usually walk on one of several beaches daily. We usually go after 4 p.m., when people begin to leave because the beach facilities prepare to close at 6 p.m. Even at that time of day we are exposed to the multitude of women of a variety of sizes in their bikinis.

What is the purpose of a bikini? The bikini apparently legally covers the essentials, while every thing else hangs; the bikini apparently allows some of the women to express their sexuality. The beaches and their bikinis have become a nudist colony.

The bikini in today’s culture is probably rated PG-13, and should be rated R.

I believe that many women like expressing their sexuality — like the attention, like being exploited, like seducing, like to be provocative and to cause lust. The bottom line of this is low self-esteem. The bikini gives them a sense of power and control.

The bikini is the front-runner; there are other everyday styles that are morally unacceptable. These cultural styles are infiltrating the church; it is shameful and disrespectful. We have become “de-sen-si-tized” (dead in conscience and scruples). We should be dressing appropriately in a church context!

We no longer seem to know the difference between moral and immoral, shameful and shameless, decent and indecent; we are becoming a Sodom and Gomorrah society! We are doomed for physical and spiritual disaster unless our state governments start implementing moral changes in public places, and we as a society begin to repent.


Brookfield, Mass.

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3 thoughts on “Today’s “If God meant us to be naked we’d have been born that way!” Idiot!

  1. i am not really sure why this even warrants a letter to the editor. doesn’t this guy have something more important to rant about like, the war, the famine, the poverty? instead it’s this high and mighty dressing down of other people where he cannot see what is truly important in this world…

  2. I can’t believe I found this posting!!! I have been reading letters to the editor by this guy from BROOKFIELD MASS for awhile now in The New Leader – He seriously does behave like a TERRORIST – spewing his hatred for anyone and everyone that doesnt think or behave like him – I hear from HIS FRIENDS that part of the issue is due to the fact his STEP DAUGHTER dresses like a hooker and he is turned on by it and THUS he acts out this way regarding other women, etc – that way he doesnt have to deal with his own sexual issues – its too bad he cannot realize he does much more damage than good in his rants – with all the time and energy he spends on all these letters to the editor he should go do some good with his “SUPPOSED CHRISTIANITY” he makes REAL Christians look bad in the PRESS

    [My Reply]
    How interesting. Of course he’s a perv, it just figures. I’m an atheist who considers the teachings of Christ to be philosophical vs. dogmatic. I’m really big on the help those least able thing.

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