Living on a One Way Street

I live on a one way street that connects two major thruways in the city, the first being Atwells Avenue, the other being Broadway. The street heads south from Atwells.

It is used by all manor of emergency vehicles so the sirens are a pretty much constant feature.

The continuation of the street is two way traffic so it does cause some of the issues I’ve seen.


And I’ve seen numerous fire engines and rescues come this way, even though the nearest fire station is on Atwells Avenue, west of Knight St.

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So while I wonder why they go the wrong way down the street, the one that absolutely floored me is seeing a Providence Police cruiser do the very same thing today, lights on and siren blaring.

Just open it to two way traffic, that’s the solution. The road is wide enough for three cars to fit across, use one lane for parking, the other two for traffic.

3 thoughts on “Living on a One Way Street

  1. I live in a town with a lot of one way streets, I hate them. I have driven down the wrong way a couple of times when I used to drink and drive. VERY bad. I don’t do that anymore I take the bus or a taxi.

  2. So you live OFF-Broadway. Lucky bum. :)


    [Truthspew says:]
    Not THE Broadway but it is a fascinating trip into history. Granted it’s all 19th century while the eastern part of the city is all 16h, 17th and 18th century. That’s what I love about the city, we have architecture from the 16th century to the 21st though I do think some of the 21st century architecture is absolutely disgusting.

  3. yeah, yeah, architecture is nice and all, but are there no theaters near your house? I thought all the good theaters were off-Broadway. *snicker* :)


    [Truthspew says:]
    Actually there is one nearby. The Columbus Theatre. For years it used to show nothing but porn, then it closed for a few months and emerged as an art house. For example, remember the group called Tavares? They played there a week or so ago and the line stretched down the street for several blocks.

    It’s nice to see it being used for everyone. Here’s a shot of the marquee looking west on Broadway.

    At one point in its history it was the Uptown Theatre.

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