Month: September 2007

Today’s “If God meant us to be naked we’d have been born that way!” Idiot!

First off I’m not sure how to categorize this one. Wait, wait, prudes. There we go. I’ve been told I’m a bit prudish but what they really don’t know is my public persona and private persona are two different things.

Anyhow this guy rambles on about the fact that more than 80% of a womans skin is exposed while wearing a bikini. He’s like the Taliban in the United States. And what about we men. Should we wish we can though not all of us should, wear the tiniest little thong and hit the beach. There’s definitely more than 80% skin showing there. But Mr. Blais doesn’t see that side of the argument.

I think we ought to give Mr. Blais the Ludovico treatment from A Clockwork Orange for Mr. Blais but with a slight twist. Just expose him to hours and hours of lesbian porn while propping his eyes open so he doesn’t miss a second and shooting him up with drugs that make him euphoric. Maybe check for tumescence because I get the feeling that Mr. Blais is probably suffering from ED which would explain his attitude that he has to police the beaches and be the enforcer of morality.

But wait for it, the answer comes at the end of the letter. Seems Mr. Blais has drunk the kool-aid.

Anyhow you can now peruse the Letter to the Editor that he wrote. I’d link it but the local rag, the Providence Journal requires registration and the BugMeNot extension doesn’t work with it.

The bikini should be considered indecent exposure: They are more than 80 percent nudity.

My wife and I recently returned from Narragansett, where we camp during the summer, and we usually walk on one of several beaches daily. We usually go after 4 p.m., when people begin to leave because the beach facilities prepare to close at 6 p.m. Even at that time of day we are exposed to the multitude of women of a variety of sizes in their bikinis.

What is the purpose of a bikini? The bikini apparently legally covers the essentials, while every thing else hangs; the bikini apparently allows some of the women to express their sexuality. The beaches and their bikinis have become a nudist colony.

The bikini in today’s culture is probably rated PG-13, and should be rated R.

I believe that many women like expressing their sexuality — like the attention, like being exploited, like seducing, like to be provocative and to cause lust. The bottom line of this is low self-esteem. The bikini gives them a sense of power and control.

The bikini is the front-runner; there are other everyday styles that are morally unacceptable. These cultural styles are infiltrating the church; it is shameful and disrespectful. We have become “de-sen-si-tized” (dead in conscience and scruples). We should be dressing appropriately in a church context!

We no longer seem to know the difference between moral and immoral, shameful and shameless, decent and indecent; we are becoming a Sodom and Gomorrah society! We are doomed for physical and spiritual disaster unless our state governments start implementing moral changes in public places, and we as a society begin to repent.


Brookfield, Mass.

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Vintage Video – Joan Jett

Here’s this weeks installment of Vintage Video, Joan Jett. You’ll note that the main theme of Vintage Video seems to be guitar heavy. I like it like that.

Here she is telling us she doesn’t give a damn about her Bad Reputation. More to the point, this is her “Fuck You” moment to the recording industry. Gotta love a girl with moxy.

Followed up by the anthem I Love Rock and Roll. This is the track that first turned me on to Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. The guitar is simply fucking awesome.

And here she is singing “I Hate Myself for Loving You”. Again, good chords, etc.

And just for Onanite talking about the lesbians drooling, here’s Joan’s appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show. When the camera panned out to the audience it was ALL women. You can’t tell me that the dyke quotient wasn’t rather high THAT day.

Next week we’ll switch it up a little bit with a band from the 80’s called Full Force.

A new music site

I just discovered the new Pandora.

It’s awesome, even better than if you want to listen to music. First of all no custom player, just a web interface but it’s flash based.

First all, it’s music recommendation. I keyed in The Brothers Johnson and I just heard Ray Parker’s “Jack and Jill” Wild shit, and right now it’s the Gap Band with “Steppin”. I’m totally loving this.

Check it out.

It gets better, it even knows about the original Full Force. Oh glory be!

No wonder – education and stuff

Back in April we moved to the new place. I’m still exploring the area but this time on foot. I’d always driven through but when you’re driving you miss lots of stuff.

One of the things I missed was found again while walking by Bell Street.
Bell Street, Providence, RI

The thing I’d missed on Bell Street is the Bell Street Chapel, a Unitarian Universalist Church. This church offers toddler daycare and I remember going to a Bell Street Nursery school when I was a young one. It’s one and the same. Unitarian Universalists aren’t know for their strict dogma. Matter of fact, to be a UU one really doesn’t need to proclaim any belief or faith at all. They are as close to Deist or Secular Humanist as you can possibly get.

And I can tell you who probably chose this particular daycare for me, it had to be my mother. Mom wasn’t a pious Catholic, in fact I think she was more an atheist than Christian. It would probably explain where my disbelief started. I wish she were still alive, because I’d be able to confirm my suspicions. Luckily my aunt lets me in on things about mom so I get some of the story.

After nursery school I was enrolled in what was then Msgr. Bove School (Now St. Ann’s School, I guess the old Msgr. didn’t hold sway, and he’s the guy who lobbied the funds necessary to build the school in the fist place!). While I was there the parish was under the stewardship of Msgr. DiMeo. Yes, it was Italian-Catholic. And it was guido central. One of the priests there drove an IROC Camaro, while the good Monsignor had to drive a Mercedes-Benz. I guess life wasn’t too bad for a priest in an Italian neighborhood.
St. Ann’s School

But I guess things have changed there. I happened upon their calendar and they get the Jewish high holidays too. Damn, we didn’t get that when I was there. Of course it’s all lay people teaching at the school now. When I was there we had at least two nuns from the Sisters of Mercy order. Let me tell you that they weren’t merciful at all. Sister Mary Florentia was right off the boat from Ireland, her favorite phrase being “You bold piece!”, and Sister Clair Marie was a dyke if I ever saw one.

From Msgr. Bove/St. Ann’s I then had two options for high schools, both of which required entrance examinations. The first was Classical High School, a public school allowed to be very selective in its student enrollment. Then there was LaSalle Academy (Warning, flash laden site!), a Catholic high school which also required not only entrance exams but also had summer reading lists. I chose to go to LaSalle and graduated in 1982.

LaSalle Academy

What amazes me is that in the twenty five years since I’ve left LaSalle the campus has grown like crazy. I’m happy to see them doing well.

It was at LaSalle that my inclinations toward atheism became cemented. After all, the religion class for one year had us reading the entire Bible and discussing the contents and context.

LaSalle had it’s cast of characters too. There was one Brother whose name escapes me that we used to call the Walking Holiday. He was that old and sure enough during my junior year he died. Then there was Brother Frederick the Android.

Brother Ralph Darmento who had to be taught that in the BASIC programming language, you could write an entire program on one line just using the : to separate operations.

For our science classes we had Stormin’ Norman DuBois taught one of the physical science classes I had, and the brotherhood duo of Ron and Charles Poirier did the physics and electronics classes. I still keep in touch with Ron, he’s a higher up in the Dept. of Ed now.

For math I had Brother Joseph Ventura for freshmen algebra, Peter Curtin for Algebra II, Knobby Walsh for Geometry and Mr. Quinn for pre-cal. That I passed pre-cal never ceases to amaze me.

For foreign language, Spanish to be precise, I had Brother Gregory, and Rita Ravo.

Oh this is a trip down memory lane.

My first stab at college was an abortion. I really should have gone away for school since lots of things would have been different, the most likely of which is I would have acknowledged my being gay that much sooner. But I ended up at Rhode Island College for about a year and a half. I remember two professors, Dr. Agetstein who I had for Developmental Psychology, and Elizabeth Gunning who I had for freshmen English, the class I promptly dropped.

Rhode Island College

It’s a relatively small campus at RIC. But I just wasn’t into it back then.

My second run at college went much better but I was in my 30’s when I did that and I had chosen Johnson & Wales University. Managed a 3.82GPA when all was said and done, and that would have been a perfect 4.0 if I’d given an absolute shit about a couple of the liberal arts courses I had to take, like the Legal Environment of Business.

Johnson & Wales University

And that campus sprawls across most of downtown Providence and then continues on the southern end of the city.

And here I am, thinking about going back to school. I’ve got my B.Sc in Information Science but I’m on the fence about what to go back for. There’s a move in congress to make it so those going to school for math, science and engineering go for free if they commit to teaching or working in the field for three years. That’d make it very easy for me to get my B.Sc in Electronic Engineering. But then the other part of me says if that doesn’t happen, I think I’m just going to do a PhD program. The object here is to die with student loan debt that approximates the GDP of a small nation. I’ll probably stick with the Information Science field, maybe do some work with cryptography. That’d be fun.

Scar Tissue

Over the course of my life I’ve had twenty seven stitches. They came in groups of:

Twelve on my arms, three on the left, nine on the right from a dog bite. It was a St. Bernard that got me when I was twelve years old which would have been 1976.
Stitches in left lower arm

And lower right arm:
right arm

The next is the eleven stitches in my head from the car accident in 1986. I got t-boned on Mineral Sprint Ave. in North Providence, RI and of course back then I didn’t even think of wearing a seat belt. Funny how invincible you feel when you’re in your early twenties.

Then there was the time I was repairing a connector on my computer and managed to slice open my left index finger. That took four stitches to close up.
Left finger

After the car accident when they were stitching me up they told me I’d have to come back to get the stitches out. I told them I didn’t want to have to do that so they gave me the removal kit which consists of a pair of hooked scissors. Just snip the stitch and pull out by the knot. Did that for the head and the finger.

Of course when I tell people about that they get a little queasy. If they really wanted queasy they could see the stitching process on my finger. That would be enough to make most people get a little bit sick to their stomach. The only thing that made me lose focus was that needle between the fingers. Yow!

It’s TMI Time again

1. What is one thing a your significant other could do to you to rock your world?

That’s one I have to think long and hard about since he pretty much does rock my world. There’s no single thing, but when he kisses me he kisses me. That’s damned good stuff.

2. Which super power (ability to turn invisible, ability to read people’s thoughts, or invulnerability) would you take and why?

I’d take one not listed there, immortality. Then I could piss on the graves of my enemies.

3. Would you rather be tied up or tie someone else up? Why?

Oh tie me up. I love that feeling of not being in control.

4. What is your best physical and non physical asset?

My eyes. I got the Mediterranean hazel eyes that in bright light look green. As for non-physical, it’d have to be my personality.

5. If they were naming new Dwarves beyond the seven what would your name be and why?

Silly Dwarf. It doesn’t really come out in my blog but I’m the master of the one line zingers. I was going to go with Horny Dwarf but felt that might be a bit more challenging to explain.

Bonus: What’s the most embarrassing thing you ever bought?

As a teenager it had to be the porn.

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What Once Was, and what is now

I finished reading Edwin Black’s “Internal Combustion”. Very interesting book in that even back in the early part of the 20th century they had urban electric vehicles with ranges of 100 or so miles.

But he spends an awful lot of time slamming GM, Standard Oil, Firestone, etc. Standard Oil is no more, it’s nearest equivalent is Exxon-Mobil.

In any case, up until about 1948-1950 Rhode Island had electric trackless trolleys. They went everywhere and were clean, efficient, and well liked. They got their power from an overhead catenary. No third rail for Rhode Island.
Electric Trackless Trolleys

But in that period of 1948-1950 a consortium called National City Lines convinced Rhode Islanders that stinking diesel buses were better. So we ended up with these:
Orion V bus

Oh sure they run low sulfur diesel fuel now but they still spew particulates and other nasties into the air particularly certain forms of carbon monoxide and dioxide.

Then of course they’ve got the Chance Coach trolleys that run on CNG but while CNG is billed as a clean fuel it still generates carbon monoxide among other things.

They keep toying with light rail in Rhode Island and it’d more likely than not be electric light rail but it never gets anywhere. Same as they keep talking about commuter rail stations in Warwick, RI, Wickford, RI, and Westerly, RI but that doesn’t seem to be moving very fast. I think the Warwick station (Which is 1,500 feet from T.F. Green Airport) is progressing but get this, the only one that has agreed to stop there is the MBTA. Amtrak won’t stop there.

The big issue in Rhode Island is that we don’t have anymore room to build highways and roadways. So we have to start looking at alternatives and mass transit is one those alternatives, in fact the only alternative.

We need to do something and quickly. But I’m thinking of leaving here anyhow, the job and housing picture sucks.

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