Month: September 2007

Hating Windows

I’ve been using XP for a long time now on a Dell XPS M140. The machine is an improvement over my last machine which was a Windows 2000 box but some things annoy me.

First is the wireless performance. We have two of these XPS boxes, one with the Intel wireless the other with the Dell wireless. The Dell wireless card is based on a Broadcomm chipset and I can tell you from experience that it sucks ass.

My Intel card is no picnic either. Well, maybe it’s not the card itself but the absolutely fucked DHCP implementation of Windows. If you read the details regarding DHCP and then contrast it to the implementation that MS used for Windows you’ll see what I mean. It’s fucked.

The other day I got the chance to play with a co-workers new MacBook Pro. First off the machine is light as a feather and has cool features that my Dell lacks, like built in camera, illuminated keyboard, anti-shock disk parking, etc. The one thing it doesn’t have that my XPS does is a card reader that’ll use SD, xD and mMC cards. Oh well.

But what really floored me is that using VMWare my co-worker was able to run a full install of Windows Vista on it. Virtualization rocks.

And don’t tell me that Vista will solve my woes since it won’t. It’s a bloated piece of shit.

So come tax time I think I’ll be ditching my PC and going Mac. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Today marks 15 years

Today marks 15 years that Keyron and I have been together. It’s been a hell of a ride with its ups and downs along the way but overall it’s been very good.

The first few years were excellent, the middle years a bit difficult but now it seems like things have finally gotten good. I love him more than ever. I’m not one to wax rhapsodic on things like this but Keyron is definitely the one for me. He’s funny, talented, smart and makes me happy. I guess I can’t ask for much more.

The one thing I want for us is to be married here in Rhode Island. Not a ceremony that friends and family attend with non-binding documents, I want full legal recognition of the union.

We seem to be getting nowhere regarding marriage equality in Rhode Island. For some reason Marriage Equality Rhode Island under advice from GLAAD considers the judiciary in the state to be hostile to a potential rights case. If you read about our judicial system you’d find that it is fiercely independent and very much in tune with the constitution of the state as well as the federal constitution.

I plan to testify at the hearings again this year, but this time around I’m going to tell the legislators flat out that their reluctance to pass the legislation WILL lead to it being taken up by the judiciary, same as what happened in Massachusetts.

I did note that the song playing is rather apropos to what I’ve written.


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