When SNL was actually funny

I noticed something, the funniest bits of Saturday Night Live were always the women of the show. The guys you could pretty much interchange, with the exception of course of the original cast with John Belushi, Bill Murray, et al.

But this one is priceless. It’s SNL’s take on Mommie Dearest with Jane Curtin playing Joan Crawford, Gilda Radner playing Christina Crawford, and Lorraine Newman as Catherine Hepburn. Newman has the accent of the northern New Englander down, and the lines are funny as all hell.

I particularly like when Kate asks Christina how many men Joan has slept with and Christina can’t answer so Kate asks her to paw it out with her foot. Eighteen men.

If I could find the Colon Blow commercial parody on YouTube I’d have posted it. That was pretty funny.

One thought on “When SNL was actually funny

  1. I remember the early years of SNL. Such talented people. I was in college and every Saturday night we would all gather in the TV room to watch and laugh. The music was also great.


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