A New Idea for Government in Rhode Island

I have a proposal for the esteemed leadership of the Rhode Island Legislature.

Next time you give a huge tax break to a new construction project, give that break with the stipulation that they pay for infrastructure or state buildings.

For example the State Archives should be in a state owned facility that is up to specifications for their needs. Their needs are a large enough space protected from high water tables and climate controlled vaults. Many of the other details have already been hammered out by the staff at the archives.

But they currently occupy a leased space in downtown Providence with a basement that would flood for the lack of sump pumps that operate nearly continuously.

So next time we give a $25 million tax break to some developer, tell them they have to kick 10% of that into a construction budget for the state. Hell, be generous and make it 20%. They still get a $20 million tax break and the state gets a new archives, or maybe rebuilding roads, or upkeep for things like the State House, the Attorney General’s building, or the state schools.

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