Damned Telecom fees

When I first got setup with Vonage three years ago my $24.99 service plan cost $27 once the taxes were added in.

Now I’ve added a virtual line for $4.99 but my total monthly bill is $38.67. What the hell? Then I looked at the invoice, here’s the taxes and fees.

Regulatory Recovery Fee $1.98 (Would someone please tell me what the fuck a regulator recovery fee is.)

Emergency 911 Cost Recovery $0.99 (Passing along the Intrado database lookup costs at a bit under a buck a month, this is Vonage doing this btw so they’re getting some serious dough to provide the service.)

Sales Tax $2.31 (Fucking State of Rhode Island gets their due even though there isn’t a brick and mortar in Rhode Island. Nice.)

Federal Universal Service Fee $2.15 (FUSF is nothing but a money grab. Granted, it’s less than the nearly $8 a month I was paying Verizon for a single line but still, it’s primary purpose is for universal service in areas of buttfucke America. Get a damned cell phone, I don’t want to pay for you to have wireline service.)

State 911 Fee $1.00 (This is what pays for the state E-911 service. Can’t really argue there.)

State Telecom Education Access Fund $0.26 (Education access fund? Can someone please point me to a public school that hasn’t been wired for phone and network in the state of Rhode Island? Oh, they want us to PAY for it. Fuck em’. )

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