Hmm… a homosexual network in the Vatican?

Apparently there’s a priest who recently left the Roman Curia due to his being caught on video propositioning a young man.

I’d be most interested to see the full list. I wonder if Benny Prada/Benny the Rat/Pope Benedict the XVI is on it?

The Catholic Church is so full of hypocrisy. Everyone knows I have no love for organized religion, but my true venom is reserved for the Roman Catholic Church.

I’d love to see them marginalized.

One thought on “Hmm… a homosexual network in the Vatican?

  1. Roman Catholics are two faced…….. On the one hand they are against birth control, unless of course it is their births they are controlling.

    On the other hand they don’t want gay priests, but they do not allow marriage? Are they just idiots or what?

    Anyway in high school I had a great time with my Catholic friends, they were always ready to have sex with someone their own age instead of a whithered old priest.


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