Something I discovered

I’ve always said I loathe micromanagement. Now I need to expand upon that.

I do not mind two types of management:

1) A non-structured but colloquial style works best for me since it is the most team oriented approach. There isn’t any one person who is more important than another. It is somewhat egalitarian in style.

2) A structured and regimented environment works too, but only if the structure and policy are clearly communicated and accepted by all members of the entity.

Structure includes direction. Without direction you cannot have structure. They’re two sides of the same coin and I pointed this out to a former employer.

So when I say micromanagement what I really mean is those who expect you to know the rules and regulations when they don’t even know such things themselves. I think the closest I can come to explaining it is to call it sea gull management, they fly in, shit all over everything, then fly out.

3 thoughts on “Something I discovered

  1. I hate micromanagement, wherein they tell you do something, and you do it,.and then they tell you how you did it wrong and to do it THIS way….instead of just telling you to DO it THAT way in the first place.



  2. “they fly in, shit all over everything, then fly out.”

    Oh man ain’t that the truth. You don’t see them for a week thn they are all over your shit. I hate that.


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