Moral Orel

This stop-motion animation on Adult Swim is too funny. It pokes fun at Christianity for the most part. Poor little Orel, he’s trying to be so good but gets himself into some sticky situations because of it.

Here’s “Why did You marry Dad?”. The line “If men married men and women married women we’d all give birth to fairysexuals.” is too funny.

Then there’s this one titled “Hating Nipples”. The premise is that the coach Stopframe has a crush on Orel’s dad and it’s becoming a bit obvious. Anyhow the line from this one is “In fact, gay men would have it made in the shade if it weren’t for one thing. God hates em’.”

And in this one the kids visit Ripperly’s, obviously a take-off from Ripley’s. I love how the guide presses the “Push to Learn” button and it says “Believe it or else!”. And of course the replica of the skeleton of the baby Jesus is too funny.

And Wrongteus is funny. Orel tries to do the right thing but his dad has to explain: “You see somehow you’ve turned things topsy turvy young man. You’ve made it inconvenient for the racists not the racers and at that point why even discriminate.”

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