Wireless fun!

So my Linksys WAP54G bit the dust a couple weeks ago. I’ve been fighting the battle with Linksys (A division of Cisco) this entire time. Finally I got them to agree it should be replaced so they gave me a case number. Problem is, when I go to their web site to get an RMA it tells me the case number is not valid. What the fuck! So now I have to wait until tomorrow and call their sorry asses.

Of course right now I’m using a Belkin router which is no picnic. I can see my speed magically drop from 54mbps to 24mbps without moving the laptop. I get absolutely perfect speeds if I tape the router to the back of my screen but that defeats the purpose of a wireless computer.

Who the hell makes a reliable access point these days? Linksys blows, Belkin eats shit so who’s left? D-Link? I’ve had experience with their wired products and that alone makes me steer clear of them. Netgear is a possibility as I’ve got a Netgear FVS318 that runs like a charm and has for a few years now.

I just want something that will give me good performance and that won’t die after a year or so.

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