Benny the Rat (Benedict XVI) proves once again

That his head is firmly planted in his ass.

Now it’s his decrying “Pleasure at all Costs”.

I’ll paste the whole article so you can laugh along with me. That gives me great pleasure too, to laugh at the religiously ignorant like Benedict XVI.

Pope Decries ‘Pleasure at All Costs’

The Associated Press
Sunday, December 16, 2007; 3:29 PM

ROME — Pope Benedict XVI warned Sunday against seeking happiness in drugs or other “artificial paradises” and the self-centered quest for “pleasure at all costs.”

Instead, the pope held up Mother Teresa _ the Roman Catholic nun who devoted her life to serving the poor in India and elsewhere _ as an example.

“Every day, she lived next to misery, human degradation and death,” the pope told thousands of faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square. “Yet, she offered the smile of God to everybody.”

The pope, speaking during the traditional Sunday noon Angelus prayer, said real happiness cannot be found in cultures “that put individual happiness in the place of God, a mentality that has its emblematic effect in the quest for pleasure at all costs, in the spread of the use of drugs as an escape, a shelter in artificial paradises, which turn out to be completely illusory.”

In an annual tradition, children came to St. Peter’s Square bearing Nativity figures of baby Jesus for the pontiff to bless.

Earlier Sunday, Benedict consecrated a new church on the outskirts of Rome, blessing the parish’s children.

For more on Mother Teresa the scheming and fraudulent bitch, see Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! expose of her.

Then of course we have Bill Donohue of the Catholic League. He’s such a smug bastard I just want to pop him one every time I see him on the screen. This guy has something to say about just about everything and everyone. He reminds me so much of Bill O’Reilly. I think the common factor is that they’re both blowhards.

I’d love to see the Catholic church bankrupted. I’d love to see all religions destitute and bankrupt so that maybe those of us who don’t have the neurotic need to look to a higher power can get on with our lives without having to hear or read the foul emanations from the likes of Benny Prada (Aka Benny the Rat, Pope Benedict XVI) and Billy Boy Donohue, though I note that the Catholic League now trots out a rather attractive female spokesperson who is every bit as loathesome as Donohue.

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