Air travel sucks

So coming down to ORF we were on USAirways. That went off pretty much without a hitch though about a half hour late coming in.

Flying back we went United. United eats shit. I’ll explain why.

Our flight from Norfolk (ORF) to Dulles (IAD) was delayed by more than a half hour. Since we had only a forty-five minute layover I knew it would cause issues. It did, the connecting flight to Providence was scheduled fro 5:24PM. We got in at 5:45PM.

Got re-booked on a Boston bound flight, I figured we could take the MBTA commuter back to Providence, you know, things would work.

But then a gate change happened. From C concourse to D concourse. We hustled for no reason whatsoever because a flight that was supposed to take off at 9:36PM is till being serviced at 10:22PM. We’re due for an update at 10:30PM, probably telling us they’re canceling the flight .

Air travel is a major inconvenience in this day and age. I want the subsidies given to airlines to be revoked and the money re-invested in high speed rail that criss-crosses the country.

But to really fuck up travel, it takes United Airlines. Right now they’re putting the replacement part into the aircraft, they say that they’ll update us at 10:45PM. It’s a good thing we have a ride from Boston to Providence otherwise I’d be going ballistic about now.

Do yourself the favor though, don’t fly United.

One thought on “Air travel sucks

  1. Dulles???? Dude, you’re like an hour, hour and a half from where I live!!!!

    Crimeny, had I known, i’d come down to meetcha during your layover…which turned into a much, MUCH longer layover…

    sorry about all that. Hope you got home safely and somewhat quickly…


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