The RIAA is out of line

Now they’re claiming ripping to your own computer isn’t allowed. How the hell else was I supposed to populate my iPod? Buy each of the 1,000 tracks I have on it from the iTunes store for $0.99 each, for a total cost of $990 to fill an 8GB iPod? And whoa to those who have iPod’s with 60GB drives, it’d cost about $7,920 to fill one of those babies.

While I’m on the subject, iTunes makes it REALLY easy to rip a CD. Just pop one in the drive and it automatically rips the tracks to digital form so that iTunes can play it. And burning a CD is as easy as dragging tracks to a playlist. Yet I haven’t seen the RIAA go after Apple, I suppose it wouldn’t be nice to bite the hand that feeds you.

Because the only place where the record industry is making any money these days is online sales. The thing about online sales is that you don’t have to buy a whole crap CD just for one song you might want to hear. Instead you just get the individual track.

And that buck a track is WAY too high. More realistic costs in my opinion would be about 25 cents a track. After all, the recording industry doesn’t have the overhead expenses associated with pressing of CD’s. And they really don’t have much in the way of marketing expenses either.

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