The Roman Catholic Church, still trying.

I have written earlier regarding the opposition to marriage equality presented by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence. For some time I’ve known of the churches interference in secular life.

This brought to mind my education. I knew about the Renaissance artists but we were never really told who their patrons happened to be. A great many were sponsored by the Medici family. Michaelangelo is probably the most well known product of that patronage.

But others were connected to the Medici family. Leonardo DaVinci, Galileo, Machiavelli, etc. All were somehow spawned from the patronage of the Medici, though in the case of Machiavelli it was their spurning him that gave rise to The Prince.

So imagine my surprise to find that Joost has added some PBS content. One of the programs is Empires: The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance.

For awhile there the Medici did manage to capture the Roman Catholic Church, first with Pope Leo X, and then with Pope Clement VII., the Medici cousins. Their rule of the church was disastrous, and Leo’s looting of the church coffers led to the sale of indulgences. Those indulgences drove Martin Luther to publish his 95 theses and then tack them to the door of the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg. Leo the X’s handling of this matter with a papal bull that essentially excommunicated Luther still resonates today with the Protestant and Catholic churches remaining distinctly separated.

Of course later popes went after the Medici while the family business and civic leadership was under the reign of Duke Cosimo Medici. But the Duke struck a compromise with the Roman Inquisitors. The upshot of this is that it explains why the church essentially bagged Galileo. He represented a direct challenge to church teachings and they couldn’t have their teachings questioned.

And even today, the Roman Catholic church tries to interfere with government. They don’t so much attempt to assert their primacy, but they try to influence government. For that reason I believe they should be taxed to the fullest extent. You want to play you have to pay. Of course this year is a particularly poignant one, since now every New England state BUT Rhode Island has some form of civil marriage for gay people.

One thought on “The Roman Catholic Church, still trying.

  1. It does indeed seem that most every Church, with few exception has a political ploy taught from the pulpit. While I”m not oppose to Ministers having political views, I do find it thrashingly embarrassing for their “cause” when they teach their politics to multitudes as divine and others as hell-sent.

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