They’re at it again in Florida

Yet another petition drive to get marriage narrowly defined is circulating in Florida. Last go around I found my fathers name as one of the signatories of the petition and called him about it.

I asked him how as a good Christian he could consider divorcing his wife, yet he felt it so all important to sign a petition that guaranteed someone like his only son would be considered a second class citizen. I told him he was the worst kid of hypocrite.

At this time I am thoroughly disgusted with organized religion, primarily the so called Christians. While I am an atheist it is my belief that if there were such a person as Christ and he were to return today, he wouldn’t be recognized for who he supposedly is and he’d be crucified once again.

The churches have allowed themselves to become the pawns of politicians, and the politicians have become pawns of the Christian churches. I cannot wait for this years hearings on marriage equality. At these hearings I plan to call out the priests and the politicians on their bigotry. Because that is precisely what this is, bigotry.

And hopefully this year we’ll finally shame President of the Senate Joseph Montalbano who I wish the fuck they’d indict sooner than later, but Corrente is a careful prosecutor who dots all his i’s and crosses his t’s. In addition I hope we can shame Speaker of the House William Murphy, and Governor Don Carcieri.

Of course our esteemed legislators make it difficult to figure out who is on what committee. You have to troll through every bio to get the committee assignments but I’m going to database it and put it up on the web. Then I’m going to troll the newspaper archives and see how many have been divorced. I’d guess since there are roughly 18 people, and nearly 50% of marriage end in divorce, I’m bound to find someone who by biblical law should never have been allowed to divorce, let alone re-marry.

I’m seeing my little speech this year evolving into one that castigates the legislators for daring not to vote this for approval, and at the same time disgraces the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence for allowing those legislators to divorce. This could be great fun.

One thought on “They’re at it again in Florida

  1. Christians are such hypocrites. My ex brother in law told me I was going to hell because I was gay, but he has been married four times now. I guess he doesn’t read his Bible cause he is an adulterer.

    I hate religion, especially when those who practice it don’t even know it.


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